Infolinks or INTENTclick? Is Infolinks or INTENTclick The Best Choice For Publishers And Advertisers?

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Infolinks is one of the most established and oldest in-text monetization companies. Infolinks used to be the only in-text monetization company that really mattered.

Companies with fresh ideas have painted a target on Infolinks’ back, seeking to take down the giant much like how Android and iOS tablets have cracked Microsoft.

However, instead of introducing a new technological platform like Google and Apple did with tablets and smartphones, Infolinks competitors aren’t even using substantially newer technology.

In-text advertising technology is pretty much the same everywhere. So why is Infolinks losing ground to these perky start-ups?

Infolinks Vs Intentclick

Infolinks: Bloggers Want To Make Money

Infolinks’ rigid payment model has been both praised for its simplicity and criticized for failing to reward bloggers who successfully convert clicks to lower points in the sales funnel.

Competitor INTENTclick has used a different payment model to pierce Infolinks’ armor. While Infolinks uses pay per click, INTENTclick uses performance-based RPC (rate per click), which means that the amount you get paid per click is higher if a lot of your clicks convert to a sale. Also, INTENTclick and other competitors have commission programs so that you can get paid directly for each individual sale, in addition to getting a higher rate per click.

Infolinks: Advertisers Want To Make Money Too

Infolinks used to be praised by advertisers for having a low cost per click when it had a higher conversion rate, back in 2007. However, Infolinks made two mistakes that have decreased the quality of its clicks over time:

Advertising Relevancy

Infolinks produces ads that are not relevant to the site’s readers and have nothing to do with the site’s content. Infolinks produces both a low click rate and an even lower conversion rate, so both advertisers and publishers lose out.

On the other hand, networks like Kontera and INTENTclick deliver targeted ads that match both individual readers and the site’s content. INTENTclick is a network for coupon sites and making money online sites that tailors ads to users depending on what they like. This creates a higher click-to-conversion rate, so advertisers get paid more money each time somebody clicks.

The Payment Model

The Infolinks payment model discourages publishers from generating clicks with a high conversion rate since it fails to reward publishers for converting clicks to sales.

As a result, they begin to produce content toward people who like to click links a lot but don’t necessarily shop online very much.

This isn’t detectable as click fraud since all of the clicks are from legitimate readers who are simply disinterested in the product.

The low per-click payout amplifies this problem since advertisers need to produce a lot of clicks to get paid near what they would get paid by a niche or targeted ad network that mixes in a commission-based system with a pay-per-click system. Although advertisers like paying publishers as little as possible per click (this is one of Infolinks’ selling points), advertisers don’t like to pay for clicks that don’t convert to points further down the sales process.


To recap, Infolinks isn’t targeted toward any particular type of site, so it doesn’t target ads to potential buyers very well.

On the other hand, INTENTclick works with making money online sites and coupon sites so its advertisers cater toward people who read these types of sites.

Furthermore, INTENTclick utilizes a payment model that both pays publishers more money and encourages them to produce clicks that convert to sales, so both publishers and advertisers stand to make more money with INTENTclick.

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David September 22, 2012 at 9:50 pm

Thanks for the article about INTENTclick and infolinks. I have tried infolinks on my website but the rates are very low. I will try INTENTclick and tell you the results.

Khalid Zaman October 20, 2012 at 1:41 pm

Wise comparison and illustration of Infolinks and IntentClick. As a matter of fact I was looking for Infolinks but I came to new thing (might for me), IntenClick. Seems I need to give it a try this time. Thanks. Keep it up.

Kundan October 25, 2012 at 9:58 pm

Good comparison. i have a new website for which i am looking to publish ads on my site. After reading your post i will try INTENT click. i hope they pay good.

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