WHY You Can’t Make Money Online!

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This is a guest post by Kelvin Igbinigie from Entrepreneurs Discuss

Yes! You really cannot make any money online and I’m not scared to say it and in case you thought that was a mistake please read it again… I said “You can’t make any money online”.

Let me put this clear to you, if you think you can just go online or just buy those e-books or videos from those self acclaimed internet business gurus and just start having money sent into your bank account then you had better wake up from your dream.

Also don’t think you can make money online by opening a PayPal account or make money by reading eBooks that teaches you fast ways to make money online.

Some other people think they can just design a website or create a blog and start making money from the internet in few days.

I know many bloggers are scared to admit this fact but I’m telling you the truth: “You really might never make any money online all your life time”.

Now let me prove my point on why you can’t make money online… I’ll give you just 5 reasons why you really can’t make money online:

Make Money Online

1. You buy every e-book or video you come across that talks about making money online

This is one reason many people don’t make any dime online. Do you think you can just make money by buying e-book? Get this: the truth is that most times, the more e-books you buy the more confused you become which eventually stops you from making money online

2. You are lazy

Even when you are privileged to read the right eBooks you end up not doing anything about it because of one truth you have to admit: You are simply lazy. Many of you read good e-books and after reading you don’t just do anything about it. You can never make money online if you don’t take action.

3. You don’t want to sell anything

This is a mistake that is very common among newbies. They expect to make money online without selling anything. There is nobody making real money online that is not selling something. Google is selling advert spaces, Facebook is selling ads, Amazon is selling too, eBay is selling store spaces…

List them for me and I will tell you they are all selling something. Either a physical product or a service. So why are you trying to make money online without selling anything? Sell something or check out!

4. You have only one source of income

This is also another common mistake made by most people doing business online. You can’t just tie yourself up to one source of income and expect to make good money online. Don’t just stick to one affiliate product or just Google Adsense and expect thousands of clicks to make real money online. You will end up poor that way.

You should have at least three-four source of income… try adding Adsense and some CPC, try selling some good affiliate products, try selling ad spaces on your blog privately, try creating your own product etc. All of these will create multiple source of income.

5. You don’t have a focus and plan

How do you expect to make money when you don’t even know how or from what to make the money. Many of you just jump into the internet and put your hands on every opportunity you see. At least try to come up with a winning business idea. Have a plan and a focus before you start your online business. Your plan might not be 50 pages… Just a sketch of where you want to start from and what you want to achieve.

Now you can see some of the reasons why you have not made more than $10 online for 2 years now. Now you know why you are not making any money online.

Stay away from these mistakes and you will start making money online.

Now quickly let me help you a little with 4 tips on how you can start making money online:

  1. Patience: How patient are you when it comes to making money online? Don’t think you can make money over night.  The mindset most people have is that when they read eBooks that promises them $1,000 every week they expect to make that amount of money the very first night they started acting on the information. You must be patient enough to see your business grow. Do not give up too early also… this is the problem with many bloggers: They give up after three months of blogging without making a dime. Be Patient!
  2. Get Mentors: As simple as this is it is very important if you must succeed in your online business. Meet those that have been in the business for years and learn from them. This is one thing I really don’t joke with. I have mentors online… I read blogs that are way ahead of mine, I ask questions a lot. One benefit of getting a mentor is that you have the opportunity to learn what your mentor learned for years in an hour or less.
  3. Motivation: Motivation is what you need after creating the plan for you business. Try and create a mental picture of your dream and learn to see it every time to create motivation in yourself. You are motivated easily when you see and talk about your vision or goal of your business.
  4. Effort: Motivation helps you apply effort into your online business. Putting effort here means taking action towards making money online.  Effort is really needed from your end to move your business forward. Someone said “nothing works expect there is a worker”. So also you cannot make any money online until you start working towards it.

So what do you want to do now? Are you going to continue to struggle with making money online or you are going to start taking steps towards making money online?

Act now on that idea that you have!

Feel free to add to the list because I can’t exhaust all in this post.

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Adesoji May 1, 2013 at 11:05 pm

Blunt post Kelvin.

Glad that you did a good job with this.

I like this “You don’t want to sell anything”!

Anyone that can’t sell can’t make money.

Arrear Overhaul June 15, 2013 at 12:54 pm

I am into affiliate marketing from past 3 years and I have seen many people leaving the online money making. First of all – it’s not meant for children because it interupts their studies and it is only for those who know who to work smarter with hard work and friends one more thing – it is very difficult to get anything from scratch. I will recommend everyone to purchase a good e-book of online money making also.

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