100+ Do Follow Forums To Increase Backlinks

by Sushant Risodkar · 174 comments

If you are looking to increase your Google rankings then participating in do follow forums can give you a lot of benefits to your rankings as well as it will increase the traffic which ultimately improve sales.

Here is a list of do follow forums that I have arranged from various niches so that you won’t ever fell short of do follow forums. Make sure you obey their Rules properly and never think of spamming on these forums for gaining do follow links. Always try to reply properly with meaningful words and gain backings from your signature links.

So Enjoy This List!

  1. http://forums.digitalpoint.com
  2. http://www.vuju.com/
  3. http://checkthisup.com
  4. http://www.sitepoint.com/forums
  5. http://www.thewebmasterforum.net
  6. http://www.webmasterforums.com
  7. http://www.allcoolforum.com
  8. http://www.warriorforum.com
  9. http://forums.webicy.com
  10. http://thehyipforum.com
  11. http://www.webmasterforumsonline.com
  12. http://www.webmasters.am/forum
  13. http://www.webmasterforums.net
  14. http://www.devhunters.com
  15. http://www.webmaster-forum.net
  16. http://www.geekvillage.com/forums
  17. http://www.zymic.com/forum
  18. http://www.webmastershelp.com
  19. http://www.webmasterdesk.org
  20. http://www.webmasterground.com
  21. http://developers.evrsoft.com/forum
  22. http://www.websitebabble.com
  23. http://www.elancetalk.com
  24. http://www.talkingcity.com
  25. http://www.australianwebmaster.com
  26. http://www.wtricks.com
  27. http://www.forums.webzonetalk.com
  28. http://www.htmlforums.com
  29. http://www.searchbliss.com/forum
  30. http://www.webmasterize.com
  31. http://www.webmasterserve.com
  32. http://www.freehostforum.com
  33. http://www.seorefugee.com/forums
  34. http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/forums
  35. http://forums.seo.ph
  36. http://forums.delphiforums.com
  37. http://www.web-mastery.net
  38. http://www.webworkshop.net/seoforum/index.php
  39. http://www.webproworld.com
  40. http://www.bzimage.org
  41. http://www.v7n.com/forums
  42. http://www.dnforum.com
  43. http://www.webcosmoforums.com
  44. http://forums.webicy.com
  45. http://forum.hittail.com/phpbb2/index.php
  46. http://www.affiliateseeking.com/forums
  47. http://siteownersforums.com/index.php
  48. http://www.webmaster-forums.net
  49. http://www.geekpoint.net
  50. http://www.smallbusinessforums.org
  51. http://forums.ukwebmasterworld.com
  52. http://www.experienceadvertising.com/forum
  53. http://opensourcephoto.net/forum
  54. http://forums.seochat.com
  55. http://forums.searchenginewatch.com
  56. http://www.ihelpyou.com/forums
  57. http://dishnews.medianetwork.co.in/yabb2/YaBB.pl
  58. http://www.businesss-forum.com
  59. http://www.9mb.com
  60. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums
  61. http://forums.seroundtable.com
  62. http://www.submitexpress.com/bbs
  63. http://www.startups.co.uk/6678842908486596004/forums.html
  64. http://www.webmaster-talk.com
  65. http://forums.comicbookresources.com
  66. http://www.clicks.ws/forum/index.php
  67. http://www.acorndomains.co.uk
  68. http://forums.onlinebookclub.org
  69. http://www.ableton.com/forum
  70. http://www.davidcastle.org/BB
  71. http://www.webtalkforums.com
  72. http://www.bloggapedia.com/forum
  73. http://www.bloggertalk.com/forum.php
  74. http://paymentprocessing.cc
  75. http://www.directoryjunction.com/forums
  76. http://www.internetmarketingforums.net
  77. http://www.lex224.com/forums/index.php
  78. http://forum.joomla.org
  79. http://forum.mambo-foundation.org/index.php
  80. http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php
  81. http://www.namepros.com/index.php
  82. http://loanofficerforum.com/forum
  83. http://iq69.com/forums
  84. http://forum.hot4s.com.au
  85. http://forums.mysql.com
  86. http://forums.amd.com/forum
  87. http://softwarecommunity.intel.com/isn/Community/en-us/Forums
  88. http://forums.cnet.com
  89. http://seotalk.medianetwork.co.in
  90. https://www.computerbb.org
  91. http://forum.vbulletinsetup.com
  92. http://www.irishwebmasterforum.com
  93. http://www.app-developers.com
  94. http://forums.stuffdaily.com
  95. http://forums.seo.com
  96. http://www.webdigity.com
  97. http://www.inboundlinksforum.com
  98. http://forums.gentoo.org
  99. http://ubuntuforums.org
  100. http://forum.textpattern.com
  101. http://talk.iwebtool.com
  102. http://www.frogengine.com/forum
  103. http://www.capitaltheory.com
  104. http://www.smsbucket.com/forums/
  105. http://www.seoin.info
  106. http://vidberry.com
  107. http://www.teamaguilar.com/forum/
  108. http://www.discuss4fun.com
  109. http://www.fightagainstrecession.com
  110. http://www.golivewire.com
  111. http://www.hdrkid.com/hdrkid

Hope you like this post. If you have any Do Follow forum to share with us then you can do so by just commenting below with your forum link. I will add your forum to this list which will help you in getting the exposure.

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Dimpy August 8, 2010 at 11:29 pm

What a big resource really, already following top ten forums of the list really helping and their link count no doubt about it.

Brian Rogel August 10, 2010 at 2:19 am

This is an incredibly useful list. It’s never easy gaining that initial pool of backlinks when first starting a blog or website, and this list can definitely be a huge help. Thanks for putting them all in one place for everyone. Quality “do-followed” links are the cornerstone of good SEO.

Jay September 17, 2010 at 7:36 pm

most of the forums are following dofollow attributes. just find some quality forums and start posting on with signature links

Christon October 13, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Great resource, i have check few of them , they really are do follow, thanks for sharing.

Raief November 11, 2010 at 2:56 am

Great blog! Your traffic keeps rising so you are doing things right.
Thought I would drop by and see how you are doing.
I finished one list but not the rankings.

Groom December 11, 2010 at 1:42 am

well, not all of them are now dofollow…. maybe they were at the time of writing this post, but some of them are nofollow now, maybe because people spammed them

Al December 17, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Nice list mate. I managed to prove to myself and to others that it is possible to appear on first page on google with just forum backlinks, of course with lots of those, so i started sharing my lists. Cheers

Don Preece - Bible Study February 18, 2011 at 7:27 am

Great list, thanks. However, once you exhaust this list, I have found a good way to get do follow backlinks without searching for them. You can add consistenly good content/comments to blogs that use the nofollow attribute and sometimes they will remove the attribute. However, if they don’t return the favor for you, go somewhere else. You can also use the source code to see if a blog is dofollow or nofollow. Nofollow is a waste of time for your own seo.

rhoula July 20, 2011 at 11:08 pm

One of the best ways to get great links to your site, either it’s a Blog, a Forum an e-commerce site or what ever it is, is to never spam a Forum, you don’t want to be labeled as a Spammer by a forum Owner, moderator or Administrator.

The number one rule is to never post links in your posts, if you want to promote your site, always use your signature. No matter how good your post is, the moderator or administrator will not look at it the same if it was full of links.

Try to always follow the discussion with relevant posts and make sure you do not use abbreviations while posting. Remember, you are making a post not sending a text message. Divide your Post to small paragraphs to make it easier for the reader to go through it.

Skip the line between paragraphs and do not use a bunch of smilies, one or two will do.

Another great way to get your name known within a Forum community is to contribute with news related to the forums’ topic, and never hijack someone else thread and diverse the discussion to something else.

Try also to make as many friends as possible. A member that has a lot of friends within a community, is usually a member that is trusted by the same community. Get your name or username known, and always use the same username.

If you post in many different Forums, always have respect for the rules and regulations. If you feel that the forum need to fix a problem, try to contact the moderator, administrator or Forum Owner directly.

Do not make fun of the forums by bringing things that may put the forum down. For example if you don’t like how the Logo looks like, it’s better to say: “I think the logo would look much better if you use Bold letter”, other than: “The logo looks very bad. It will look better with Bold letters”.

These are just a few tips about how to build good backlinks using forums.

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