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Who Am I? – Behind The Blog

Sushant RisodkarHi, I’m Sushant Risodkar from Indore, India also known by my nickname “Typhoon” on web. I’m 21 yrs. old now and blogging as well as affiliate marketing is like a part-time job for me. I successfully completed my high school graduation in 2011. I’ve done BCA from IPS Academy, Indore and currently enrolled for MCA at Sanghvi Institute, Indore.

Prior to blogging, I used the web just to spread pirated products like softwares, games, movies etc. and it was a fun thing to do. And I was also a bit of hardcore gamer at that time.

I came to know about blogging & adsense through my online friends while I was looking for some hacks/cheats for a particular game.

I have blogged from the year 2008 but got serious in it in the middle or maybe at the end of 2009 (ahh..I don’t exactly remember when..sorry). I find blogging a very interesting way to communicate with the world to share knowledge and I have now used it as a way to make money blogging. I stopped blogging in the year 2013 and that’s why SmartBloggerz is no longer updated with new posts….These days I’m more into affiliate marketing which is a combination of email marketing, online advertising, seo and blogging (anonymously).


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