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How would you like visiting your twitter profile, your favorite blogs, Youtube and many other places daily for checking updates? Do you think you will be able to check so many updates quickly in one day and also do the rest of your work?


Ingboo is a cool web based app that takes all of the feeds you have, your accounts such as your twitter and your online interests such as finding a job, low prices and discounts on products or simply flagging keywords for you and puts them all in one place. IngBoo delivers this information in a single, clutter-free, constantly refreshed “IngBoo list” which ensures you are always receiving the timeliest updates. It’s incredibly simple to use also.

Using IngBoo is simple!

To start using Ingboo, select the information you want to track from either the predefined content catalog located at the the bottom of the website or you can use its built-in search tool, which will pick which of its trackers best fits your query. As topics are selected, IngBoo automatically constructs your “IngBoo list” in a way that lets you view the incoming data quickly and efficiently. Then you can select the priority of these updates accordingly which affects in what order and how often the service should deliver the updates.


From the preferences menu, you can then pick how you want alerts delivered, which includes e-mail, Twitter, and even SMS messages.

Key Features:

  • Get Updates Everyday through various ways and at time you want it to be delivered
  • You can filter your content and get updates/articles only on specific keywords or terms in which you are interested
  • Get Updates delivered through e-mail, Twitter and also see them via your smartphones.
  • Get Updated about your Twitter friends timeline, popular trending keywords on Twitter and also updates on your favorite keywords.
  • Get Updates regrading latest news from top sites, craiglist listings on your keywords, jobs update and awesome deals from sites like Amazon and Ebay.

IngBoo For Web Publishers

If you are blogger or any website owner and looking to increase revisits, sales and reach through a safe way then IngBoo offers a free button that can be placed easily on your site, much like the universally-recognized RSS button. However, unlike RSS feeds that require you to jump through hoops in order to subscribe to particular information, the IngBoo button lets your readers subscribe with just a single mouse click.

This means greater exposure and increased sales for website owners who depend on traffic to drive revenue.

As an additional benefit, Web publishers who adds the IngBoo button to their websites will also receive free access to useful reports and statistics about their visitors like what people like reading on their website, from where they come etc.

See What Others Are Saying

Recently, Due to recession time, many people lost their jobs. In this video IngBoo was Interviewed by NBC Bay Arena where they are highlighting the IngBoo feature which let’s you search for Jobs through Big Job Search Sites easily. Watch this Video:

Subscribe To SmartBloggerz with IngBoo!

I think you should give Ingboo a try as your primary content reader and also to increase your website traffic instantly. If you want to test out this service then Just Subscribe to My Blog Updates with IngBoo by just clicking the button below:

Do Let me know about What You feel using IngBoo and If anything else you would like to suggest to be added…

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John Burton October 23, 2009 at 3:30 pm

IngBoo is basically a way better than iGoogle which I used to use. The tools work a lot better and the interface is nicer and more intuitive. I suggest you to use it..

Harrish October 23, 2009 at 3:38 pm

Hey Typhoon 🙂

IngBoo really looks like a wonderful application that will surely save a lot of time..As it can make everything get over one place, so, it will give me more time in doing other work for my website.

sbunting108 October 23, 2009 at 3:48 pm

It looks a good time saving application But i have tried similar appplications before and I find that they just don’t work for me. The same way RSS doesnt work for me!
.-= sbunting108@photo blog´s last blog ..Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall =-.

Holly Jahangiri December 2, 2009 at 12:34 pm

I wasn’t all that jazzed, but I’m not sure I can pinpoint why. When it comes to aggregators, I want something simple but powerful. And I’m getting tired of keeping track of new login IDs and passwords. I’m getting a lot pickier about the things I sign up for these days.
.-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..5 Fun WordPress Plug-Ins You CAN Live Without – But Won’t Want To =-.

gochi January 8, 2010 at 6:34 pm

There are a lot of these programs out now, and I never really found one to my liking. I personally like going to each website and checking them for updates. The new layout, the comments, the images – all of that for me is part of the web browsing experience. It doesn’t really take up a lot of my time as I only go to the things that interest me. I rather prefer getting the whole thing rather than bite size pieces of regular updates that in the end, don’t really mean anything to me.

Kim January 23, 2010 at 9:34 am

This IngBoo is really a helpful tool but I do not think it is applicable for everybody. I mean, some people love to explore things out, whether nonsense or sensible topics. I think IngBoo depends on the interest of a person.

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