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These days, I have observed many school kids, college graduates and even the individuals who are doing regular 9 to 5 jobs are considering blogging and internet marketing as a source of part time income. However, I am not saying that this is not a wise decision to make but as we all know that blogging and internet marketing requires sufficient time and efforts from your side if you want to succeed.

In this piece of writing, I will (try to) shed some light on the most important issue which is associated with blogging and internet marketing, “time management”.

As we all are aware that time management is an important aspect of every virtue of life, so we cannot overlook this aspect in online businesses as well. Time management for bloggers and internet marketers is very important because they have to take care of multiple things at one time. If they will fail to devote sufficient amount of time to their online business then they will not get the outcomes as they desire and on the other hand, if they devote all their time to their online business then they will not actively participate in their daily routine activities.

Considering the above mentioned scenario in my mind, I would like to elaborate the importance of time management for bloggers and internet marketers and how they can manage their time in an organized manner so they can take care of their online business as well as their daily routine activities.


Disclaimer: I’m not a professional counselor or whatever. Anything laid out here is entirely based on my opinion, and my experience with it myself and from my close colleagues. As always, consult a professional person first.

1. For School Going Kids

If you are a kid  going to school everyday, then you must devote sufficient amount of time to your studies, it is your first responsibility. After coming back from your school session, take some rest and have your meal. Then, get rid of your home work (if you have any). After getting rid of all these issues, devote 1-2 hours to your online business.

For students, 1-2 hours will be enough because they are still at their learning stage and too much on anything can cause stress in the child. Remember, as a kid, making money SHOULD NEVER be a serious goal. The reason you’re blogging is for early exposures that can benefit you in the future.

2. For College Students

For college students, it’s much easier to manage their time and organize their daily routine schedule properly. College students can take care of their online business while they are at their college or university. They can divert their attention towards the computer lab of the college of university in their free time and can take care of their online business quite comfortably. T

his will assure that they are utilizing their free time to their most. This is easier since college life is a life of more freedom where as you could do a lot without hurting your studies that much.

3. For People Working In A Job

For individuals who are doing regular 9 to 5 job, It’s important that these types of individuals must understand the importance of time management if they want to keep a balance in their personal and professional life. Their responsibilities are more as compared to school going children and college graduates.

For them, it would be hard to manage time for business but if they put some efforts then this won’t be a difficult task. They must devote sometime to their online business on regular basis, maybe 2-3 hours. But, they must put some extra efforts in their weekends. In this way, they would devote sufficient amount of time to their online business as well as to their daily routine activities.


Time management for bloggers and internet marketers is very important. Proper time management will assure you a stress free life as it makes sure you’re maximizing everything without hurting your other responsibilities and stressing yourself. What do you think? What’s your own tactic that you’re using?

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