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Keyword Research is one of the main aspects on which an internet marketer has to focus on. Not only Internet Marketers but also blog/website owners should do little bit keyword research and spy on other competitor’s blog time to time in order to get traffic flowing from search engines.

How would you like to get a list of all keywords for which your competitor’s website is ranking on search engines and receives traffic? How would you like a website tracking changes of your website for a keyword without even registering? Also, how would you like to compare your blog with your competitor’s blog to know for what keyword you rank better and for what your competitors does?

You may be thinking of how is that possible and where the hell this thing is hiding from you… But not anymore because today I am presenting to you a New Killer in the keyword researching industry called KeyRow.

What’s KeyRow?

KeyRow is a free to use web-based application; and for which you don’t have to signup. This web-based application will ease all your keyword researching work with it’s new generation technology and faster output results. According to KeyRow it’s a “Keywords Database” and you will soon know the reasons behind it.

Features of KeyRow

Here is a list of great features which KeyRow have and about which I will be discussing in this post.

  1. Gather List Of Keywords For Which A Website Is Ranking On Google
  2. Get List Of Nearly 100 Websites In One Click For A Keyword
  3. Compare Two Websites For Search Positions
  4. Compare Two Websites For Search Positions Based On A Keyword
  5. Check History Of A Keyword

So let’s just start with discussing all those features.

1. Keyword Gathering – A Golden Tool For Spying

With this feature you can literally get all the keywords for which a website is ranking on Google. You can take these keywords and further start optimizing your website for it got increasing search traffic. Not only this, it will also tell the recent change in the position of the website for the keyword. Have you ever seen any thing like that ever? I haven’t in my whole blogging career.

Let’s take an example here. I will enter one of the popular blogger: Darren Rowse blog – in the database to see for which keywords he receives the traffic. Here is the screenshot of the result you could see:

keyrow keyword gathering

Using this tool will help you take inspiration or get an idea about what keywords you should optimize your website for in order to get search engine traffic.

2. Top 100 Websites For A Keyword

The second feature to use on KeyRow is Website Lister. This will list Top 100( actually 94 but it’s almost the same thing) websites according to the positions in search results for a particular keyword in just one click. This will obviously reduce a lot of time if you are very much fond of watching the rankings.

You can also select two websites to be compared for that keyword from this screen also.

3. Website Comparison

This cool thing will just go on and compare two websites easily on the basis of keywords in the database and their rankings.

Let me show you an example screenshot of website comparison taken between two social networking giants – Twitter and Facebook. Here is what you will see:

keyrow website comparision

4. Website Comparison Based On A Particular Keyword

This is just a modified part of above feature. Instead of comparing two websites from the keyrow keywords database, this tool will let you compare two website for a particular keyword. As I stated in the 2nd point; this feature can also directly be selected from the Website Lister tool.

For just fun reasons, I though of comparing and for the keyword “blogging tips”. Here is what the output appeared:

5. Keyword History Check

This feature of KeyRow helps you check the history through the keyword database in two ways:

  1. Keyword History
  2. Keyword History For A Website

Keyword History – This tool just provides the number of indexed pages on Google for that keyword from previous track records of KeyRow. That means, it will help you to understand how much competition have grown for that particular keyword.

Keyword History For A Website – If you want to look history of your websites for a particular keyword i.e how it has been performing on Google then this too is for you. This will tell you the change in position of your website for that keyword with a graph.

Features Needs To Be Included:

Though KeyRow is damn too good tool but still there are somethings missing and I wish they should be added in KeyRow.

  • Traffic Estimation for a keyword just like done by WordTracker or Google’s Adwords Keyword tool.
  • Some Websites Are Missing from the database. The major reason told by the owner behind this was the site may not be having much search traffic and haven’t been indexed in database by KeyRow.
  • To make it all rounder, KeyRow could think of adding more features like available in Google Adwords Tool. This will make the user stick to one place and then they won’t have to jump on other places for using their features.

Conclusion – JUMP Over it!

Yes, you read it right. You should start taking advantage of such cool features offered by KeyRow which are not available so easily anywhere else. Just check out KeyRow right now because you never know when that web based app becomes so popular due to which the owner may have to decide to start users paying for it.

Let me know your opinions on it. Did you find it interesting? What main thing have attracted you about KeyRow? Will it be amongst your major tools now for keyword researching?

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kathleen February 14, 2010 at 6:26 am

I think this is a great tool. Do you know if it gets the comparison results from Google (the ‘compare’ tab) ?

Typhoon February 14, 2010 at 6:43 pm

Nope, that’s completely different..KeyRow produces their own graphs from the previous records in their databases..
.-= Typhoon´s last blog ..Blogging From A Newbies Point Of View – What Do I Do Now? =-.

Rahul February 17, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Nice i need to test this keyword tool first. I hope this will give nice info.

TomColvin February 28, 2010 at 4:57 am

In the past couple of days, I’ve recevied my Google Alert about my blog Becoming A Writer – Seriously and discovered references to Not knowing what it was, I clicked over to take a look. I was intrigued, but as far as I can tell, there’s no information on the site about just how it works.

A Google search popped up your informative article. THANKS for your thorough explanation about the site and how it works, along with the screenshots. And, hey, good for YOU, catching up to ProBlogger!

Aaron March 15, 2010 at 10:50 am

Excellent post. Thanks for sharing this helpful resource, and thanks for giving a brief tutorial, too.
I am definitely going to try it out.
.-= Aaron´s last blog ..10 Reasons People Don’t Like to Exercise =-.

Matt June 19, 2010 at 9:07 am

I discovered this tool recently and found it very useful. One thing that surprised me was that when I used it to check one of my blogs, I saw I was actually ranking reasonably highly for some pretty good keywords. I didn’t know that though, since I was still a few pages down the list, and hadn’t got any traffic from them yet. So, now I know I should really focus on those from now on.

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