Guest Blogging Gone Crazy Contest – II : WIN $1050 Cash By Guest Posting!

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Alright, it’s time to unveil itGuest Blogging Gone CRAZY II Contest.

This time you can win $900 $1050 HARD CASH (actually virtual money 😛 ) just by getting your guest post published on this blog and getting as many points as possible (how? – keep reading…)

You can easily take away some cash with you when you submit your guest post starting from today till September 25th. Every guest post submitted before September 25th will be taken into consideration for the contest if it meets SmartBloggerz’s guest posting guidelines. BUT, only 1 guest post will be published everyday to give a fair chance to every guest author.

The circulation will continue even after September 25th if there happens to be a case that this contest gets a lot of posts. That means, there is no expected date that when this contest will end and the results be announced, but I will keep you updated when required by making updates on the blog and on the SmartBloggerz’s facebook fan page.

guest blogging contest


First Thing First – The SPONSORS

This time I was not much interested to approach businesses myself to sponsor for this guest blogging contest. I was thinking to be a sole sponsor for this due to lack of time. But just a week ago, I made a special announcement post to unveil the awesome promo banner for the contest and to see if there is someone interested in sponsoring the contest to receive huge benefits.

Well, soon I got an email from someone who happily wanted to become the ‘Gold Sponsor’ for this contest and with this, the contest is now having $900 $1050 in cash prizes that some of YOU can grab a share from…

SMARTBLOGGERZ – Main Sponsor ($750)

SmartBloggerz helps bloggers and affiliate marketers learn what it REALLY takes to make money online and be successful online just by implementing the tips that are shared regularly on the blog and to those who subscribed to the private newsletter.

ESTAVA MORIOKA – Gold Sponsor ($150)

Estava Morioka is the premier resource for the American Party Girl. Their online boutique offers Stylish, Inexpensive, and High Quality party dresses, cocktail dresses, sexy party dress and sexy club dresses.


THE BAD BLOGGER – Gold Sponsor ($150)

“The Bad Blogger” is a blogger who blogs about Internet Marketing, Copywriting and Blogging related Topics.

Thank you to the above sponsor.
In case you want to sponsor this contest then don’t forget to read this page for more information. You have 4 more days to decide!

UPDATE: We have one NEW Sponsor now.

“What Will I Get?”

Ok, now I think you definitely want to know what you will win in this contest on various positions. Here they are:

  1. First Position $500 Now $550
  2. Second Position$250 Now $275
  3. Third Position$100 Now $125
  4. Fourth Position$50 Now $75
  5. Fifth Position – $25 – NEW!

How many of you want that $550 cash prize…?? I see many of you saying “Hell YEAH!” 😀

In case more sponsors come forward, the cash prize for each position or the number of winners will be increased.

The EASY Points System

The formula to win this contest is SIMPLE. Earn as many points as possible…Here are the ways the points will be allotted to you:

  • 10 Unique ReTweets (will be tracked using tweetmeme {for posts with high retweet counts} and topsy) = 50 Points
  • 10 Facebook Likes/Shares = 50 Points
  • 10 LinkedIn Shares = 50 Points
  • 10 StumbleUpon Likes/Shares = 50 Points
  • 10 Unique Comments/Commentators = 100 Points
  • 100 Unique PageViews (tracked using Google Analytics) = 50 Points
  • Adding the sponsors code in a blog post (not in this blog, in YOUR blog)= 1500 points

That’s it! Ask your friends everywhere to support you once your post is published and you can EASILY earn these points.

NOTE Regarding Sponsors Code: YOU have to paste the sponsor code in your blog post. For example you can easily create a new post in your blog asking for support from your readers and in that you can also include some details about this contest with the sponsors code that you just need to copy-paste in it.

Once you have done that, it should appear almost like the way it appears in this post. Then you need to send me an email using the contact form so that I can check that whether you have done this properly or not. In case you face any issue with the code or its appearance then don’t hesitate to contact me. I will fix that for you.


  • The prize money will most probably be sent to you through PayPal. But incase I can’t send you due to some unforeseen situation, then you need to have an AlertPay account already to which I can send you the prize money. If any of the winner happens to be from India i.e. my country, then the money will be sent through NEFT.
  • The calculation of points will be made as accurate as possible although I can’t guarantee you 100% correct points distribution, but I will try my best to do so.
  • I am not going to count the ‘direct hits’ in Google Analytics for your post while allotting points for the number of unique pageviews.
  • AVOID using any such marketing techniques : popup ads, email blast to list which you don’t own, proxies, purchasing votes, traffic from PTC sites etc. If you are found to be using any such method then you will be kicked out of the contest. SO please confirm whether your marketing tactics which are similar to these are allowed or not by contacting me. Although you can use any safe advertising methods like Adwords, Facebook etc. to market your post.
  • Make sure you paste the sponsor code as it is without editing much, specially the links.
  • Do read out the guest posting guidelines here.
  • Every guest post published after today till the contest ends will be considered as a part of this contest.
  • You may use the promo banner of the contest in your post but please upload it to your own server (not compulsory).
  • Author Comments will not be counted towards points. But it is ADVISED and RECOMMENDED to respond to each and every comment. According to my own study, it helps attracting more commentators to comment when they see high comment count.
  • You can submit as many guest posts you want but ONLY the BEST one (based on points) will be counted in judging phase.
  • Sponsors CAN take part in this contest.
  • If you are going to add sponsors code in your blog to earn points then make sure, that blog is one of your main blog and not just any random blog from your pocket or using any free blog sub-domain.

* These guidelines can be changed anytime without any prior notice.

It’s time to say…GO! Open your mind and start writing a FANTASTIC guest post that can help you win in this contest. Don’t forget the amount of benefits you are going to get while guest posting on SmartBloggerz. More surprises and information to come very soon…

Have any question? Ask it below!

UPDATE: This contest has a NEW sponsor now. The cash prizes have been increased now!

UPDATE 2: New mportant updates can be read here.

UPDATE 3: LAST DAY to submit your guest for review = September 25th.

Update 4 : New guest post submissions will no longer be eligible for this contest. Please wait now for the contest to end. Though, you can submit guest post for normal publishing.

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Sunil September 21, 2011 at 11:40 am

Hello Sushant ! Nice contest………I am gonna take part !

kanchan sharma September 22, 2011 at 11:22 am

wow!!!!!! great contest & prize of $550 for the first … Awesome prize…..
Gonna take part in IT!

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