Niche Blueprint 2.0 Review

Niche Blueprint 2.0 is an amazing new internet wealth building course which have been created by Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton with the help of David and Michael Hermansen. This niche blueprint 2.0 review is an overall analysis of the program. Niche Blueprint 2.0 course will teach you a step by step method to create your own successful Niche E-Commerce website with absolutely Free Website Traffic! And the cool thing about Niche Blueprint 2.0 is that, this is the only course you will ever need for building a successful E-commerce business website..

Since it has nothing to do with Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation or Email Promotion. You Don’t Need to have an email list, technical knowledge, affiliates, product internet marketing experience,  web design skill, or any additional investment to get started.

Niche Blueprint is designed to make your life easier.

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Niche Blueprint 2.0 – What’s New?

The main changes in Niche Blueprint 2.0 generally involves some new amazing software additions to make it easier for people to start making money with the Niche Blueprint 2.0 course.

In Niche Blueprint 2.0, you will see simplified videos this time as previous buyers had some problem understanding it.

In terms of methodology, the course is mostly the same. However, some additions in the new course will allow buyers to make faster money and here are some examples of some of the tools that they are going to give in Niche Blueprint 2.0:

Market Research

Ecommerce Niche Finder – This brand new will jump start the creative process. It will automatically examine millions of potential markets with the help of Google and will reveal the ones that will be right for e-commerce so that you can quickly attack on that niche.

Keyword Blueprint – This will allow you to do Keyword research for SEO. This amazing tool picks out high traffic  generating & commercial keywords that have low competition for fast and easy Google domination i.e those keywords which can easily grab the first page of Google and You know what that results in 😉

Setting Up E-commerce Websites

In Niche Blueprint 2.0, the brand new push button software makes it much faster to setup a store front for your e-commerce website. It is 100x easier to use than earlier version and comes with a big list of niche blueprint professional templates. Here is an example template:

Sourcing Products To Sell

The brand new version of  Dropship Blueprint with a new easier to manage interface provides thousands of more products and suppliers at your finger tips.

Dropship Blueprint

Traffic & Search Engine Optimization

Niche Blueprint 2.0 brings some amazing new traffic generation tactics and tools which includes:

Article Blueprint – It creates many multiple versions of one single article and automatically submits them to the network of high PR directories of niche blueprint.

Authority Hub – This tool finds high Pagerank hubs where you can add your links for faster improved search engine rankings.

Link Blueprint – It’s a revolutionary 3-way link service that is undetectable by Google till now. You will be amazed to see how this works.

What You Will Find In The Download Section And How It Looks Like!

Once you purchase Niche Blueprint 2.0, you will be able to check out 9 Various Modules to Make You Rich Step-by-Step. Here is a break down of these modules:

Module 1 – Introduction To The Program

This will be like an introduction module which will give you highlights of all the material. They will give an overview of every thing that is included in Niche Blueprint 2.0 course.

Goals and deliverable’s

  • Understand the purpose of each module of the program
  • Understand of all the goals and deliverable’s for each module
  • Understand where to go for more “intro” training

1 Video

  • Introduction video

3 PDF’s

  • Overview
  • Quick start flow chart
  • Module 1 goal sheet

Module 2 – Choosing Your Niche

This module will show you a process for brainstorming and researching your niche. You will learn how to come up with many ideas for your Niche Blueprint store and how you can quickly do a quality market research to determine which ideas you should start using. After this module, you will have 3 candidates and 1 top candidate to begin working on your Niche Blueprint store.

Goals and deliverables

  • A large list of potential niches to build their Niche Blueprint store around
  • A priority list of the top 3 ideas and the one that they will begin to work on first

3 Videos

  • Brainstorming process
  • Market research
  • Other considerations

4 PDF’s

  • Brainstorming resources
  • Market research process flow and resources
  • Market research checklist
  • Module 2 goal sheet

Module 3 – Finding The Suppliers And Pricing Your Products

This module will teach you how to use DropShip Blueprint and other ways to find sources for the products you are going to sell. Also, you will learn how to price the products properly.

Goals and deliverables

  • A list of suppliers for their products
  • A catalog and pricing sheet for their products

2 Videos

  • Finding products
  • Pricing products

3 PDF’s

  • Finding products process flow and resources
  • Pricing products checklist
  • Module 3 goal sheet

Module 4 – Finding A Domain Name

By the help of this module, you will learn how to obtain a quality domain name, also explaining the criteria in choosing it. You will also be introduced to some tool which will help you to find the best possible solution for your domain name.

Goals and deliverables

  • An understanding of the how’s and why’s of domain name selection
  • A domain for your first Niche Blueprint store

1 Video

  • Finding a domain name

2 PDF’s

  • Finding a domain process flow and resources
  • Module 4 goal sheet

Module 5 – Building Your Niche Blueprint Store

Now, from this module, you will start learning to build your Niche Blueprint store. You will learn how to quickly install and configure your Niche Blueprint E-commerce platform and how to present that store to the people beautifully.

Goals and deliverables

  • An understanding of how to implement the Niche Blueprint E-Commerce platform
  • A payment gateway setup with PayPal
  • A new logo for their store (quick, cheap, painless, and GREAT quality!)
  • A toll free number for their store
  • A complete working Niche Blueprint store with a complete product catalog

8 Videos

  • Overview
  • Signing Up for the free hosting account
  • Installing the Niche Blueprint platform
  • Configuring the Niche Blueprint platform
  • Setting up your PayPal payment gateway
  • Setting up your catalog
  • Getting your logo
  • Other design considerations

5 PDF’s

  • Installation instructions for the Niche Blueprint platform
  • Configuration instructions for the Niche Blueprint platform
  • Configuration checklist
  • Sample design contest listing
  • Module 5 goal sheet

Module 6 – Getting Customers

Module 6 shows you how to get paying customers visits to your store. First, you will start learning about the using seo strategies to get free traffic and later on how to get better benefits of ppc advertising if you think of going through that way of bringing traffic.

Goals and deliverables

  • Understand the concepts of search engine optimization and other strategies for free traffic generation
  • A complete free traffic plan for their Niche Blueprint store
  • Understand the concepts of paid advertising
  • A complete paid traffic plan for their Niche Blueprint store

6 Videos

  • SEO concepts
  • Putting together your SEO plan
  • Working with shopping portals
  • Article marketing
  • PPC Concepts
  • Implementing Your PPC Plan

3 PDF’s

  • Sample SEO plan
  • List of shopping portals
  • Module 6 goal sheet

Module 7 – Running Your Niche Blueprint Store

Now if you are working on your store along with the modules then till this module you would have started to give the final touch up to explode your e-commerce store to audience. This module will help you understand and plan the things that need to be done on a regular basis to keep your Niche Blueprint store operating profitably.

Goals and deliverables

  • Understand the regular tasks that keep their Niche Blueprint store operating
  • A complete plan for regular/recurring tasks. A blueprint for operating their store.

1 Video

  • Running your Niche Blueprint store

2 PDF’s

  • Order processing flow chart
  • Sample operations plan

Module 8 – Outsourcing

Once your store is operating properly, there are a few options to outsource for day-to-day operation. That way, you can have autopilot income and make money when you’re literally just sitting/sleeping around!

Goals and deliverables

  • Understand what they can outsource
  • Understand the different outsourcing models
  • Introduce outsourcing resources

1 Video

  • Outsourcing

2 PDF’s

  • Outsourcing resources
  • Module 8 checklist

Module 9 – Selling Your Site

This module will go into detail about selling your website. This is one option for quick cash rather than operating the store.

1 Video

  • Selling your site

3 PDF’s

  • Selling your site resources
  • Sample auction posting
  • Module 9 checklist

The BIG QUESTION! – Should You Buy It?

Yes! Of course you should buy niche blueprint. Niche Blueprint is such a great course in which you get a step by step instruction on how to setup a successful online store that you can easily automate to bring in the cash. Later on, once everything is setup and generating income, you will learn how you can sell your business for maximum profit. This is the real secret of the man behind who took a site selling bird cages and eventually sold it for $173,000 in profit and was featured on major News TV channels. So I hope you know that you have to buy niche blueprint after reading this great niche blueprint review

The Great Deal!

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