Whether you are an affiliate marketer, a blog owner, an e-commerce site owner – anyone will need traffic in order to make money online and I challenge you over that. Means, without traffic what will you do? To whom you will sell the product? Search engine robots? Huh! Are those robots going to buy the product you are promoting? I don’t think so…

Have you dreamed of having huge amount of traffic like this? :


Have you also dreamed of generating sales with that huge amount of traffic in such way?:

Did I saw you murmuring, Yes?

In order to generate sales online you seriously need to know about traffic generation methods which will be easily solved once you buy traffic ultimatum course.



This Traffic Ultimatum Review is the analysis of the whole traffic ultimatum course and what you are going to get with it.

What Is Traffic Ultimatum?

Traffic Ultimatum is going to solve your traffic needs to generate maximum online profits. The course has been developed by George Brown (the maker of Google Sniper) who has spent nearly 2yrs. over development of this course. So you can easily understand the quality of information you will be getting from traffic ultimatum course.

What Does Traffic Ultimatum Offers?

Traffic Ultimatum guarantees to help you understand various traffic generation methods which will explode your website traffic. The course doesn’t revolve just around paid ways of driving traffic but also it explains many free ways of driving massive amount of targeted traffic.

The whole course once purchased will give you access to 300+ pages of written manuals broken into 3 parts consisting not only the text information but also process maps, diagrams which will help you understand that traffic generation method better.

But it doesn’t stops here. In case you prefer learning traffic generation methods through watching videos, then Traffic Ultimatum Team have also made arrangement for the same. There are total 21 Videos (9 hours of content!) which shows how to perform a certain traffic generation method step-by-step way. These videos are really awesome in case you want to sit back and enjoy learning traffic generation methods.

An Explanation of Traffic Ultimatum’s “Modules

The whole course has been designed and explained within 13 Various “Modules” (categories). Here is a breakdown of those modules and what it will explain:


This module covers two important things for every online business before starting and afterwards which are SEO & AMR.

SEO {search engine optimization} – is one the main thing you should look at because most of the people who are looking to buy some product comes through search engines. If you have done proper SEO, then search engines like Google will be happy with you and your page will be on the front page for that keyword. You can easily imagine how rewarding it’s going to be for you…

AMR {Advanced Market Research} – means that how to find or research for new niches and tap unlimited profits from it making you stand out as the leader in that niche market.

So, in this module, you will learn various secret & well known SEO tactics which will rank your page on the front page of Google and drive in natural search traffic plus, AMR tactics will help you in your market research.

TRAFFIC ULTIMATUM MODULE 2 – Syndication Marketing

This module will help you learn how to get your article out there in masses not just by article marketing but by other ways like guest blogging, blog carnivals etc. and grab so many backlinks resulting in improvement of your search engine rankings as well as tremendous increase in your traffic.

You will also learn quick way of writing unique and readable articles, important places which should be on your submission list for this type of marketing, a free tool for article submission etc.


Do you know the future of marketing? It’s “Video Marketing”. From past 5yrs. Video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and dozens of such sites have gone crazy amongst people. People really like watching videos online about anything they are looking for.

Now, few Internet Marketers have caught this hype and are taking benefits of such sites for promoting their stuffs and making profits from it. And so, in this module, George Brown wants you to learn how to be best in Video Marketing.

You will learn about making sales generating videos just with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint and then the outstanding techniques of promoting it on various video sites specially YouTube to generate lots of traffic to your website.

TRAFFIC ULTIMATUM MODULE 4 – Social Network Marketing

Social network marketing is a term that describes use of social networks, online communities for marketing and generating traffic plus sales.

Here’s just some what you’ll discover inside this module…

  • A simple place you can use to instantly get as much “written content” as you’ll ever need.
  • Which web 2.0 sites should you really bother with – Miss this and you’ll waste a lot of time.
  • How to create a real, undetectable link wheel (the regular ones don’t work anymore!)
  • RSS   And a step by step guide to leveraging it for more free traffic than you can handle.

TRAFFIC ULTIMATUM MODULE 5 – Social Media Marketing

I am damn sure that you are aware of “social media sites”, aren’t you? The first popular social media site was MySpace but nowadays people are more attracted towards the two new giants of social media sites which are Facebook & Twitter and this is where you should now try to market the product/website to generate huge amount of traffic and income.

In this module, you will learn

  • How to market your stuffs on Facebook in the proper way
  • How to create huge amount of targeted followers on twitter
  • How to Make Money With Twitter even if you have less followers
  • How to appear friendly and genuine so that people will spread your links on these social sites

TRAFFIC ULTIMATUM MODULE 6 – Conversation Marketing

This type of marketing is like real time marketing. It’s a style of marketing where you no longer direct the audience to ‘do this’, as the message is seen as negative.

There are three pillars of conversation marketing.

  1. Participate
  2. Engage
  3. Interact

In this module, you will seriously learn how to interact, communicate and market your product with people on forums, high traffic blogs etc. You will also learn the secret “Trackbacks” technique i.e. how trackbacks/pings can bring you good amount of traffic from powerful blogs.


This module will teach you about “how to create buzz” about anything and convert that buzz to profits. You will learn in this module, successful tips of making a powerful press release, offline marketing way, how you can get your website on one of the popular newspapers in your city/country and various other buzz marketing tips.


Viral Marketing means generating huge amount of traffic with the help of other people or we can word of mouth. One example of successful viral marketing is Hotmail, a company, now owned by Microsoft that promotes its services and its own advertiser’s messages in every user’s e-mail notes.

So in this module you are obviously going to learn about Hotmail’s Viral Marketing strategy plus how to generate traffic with viral toolbars, asking questions with your visitors which will pass those questions on their own websites which will also create traffic for you, a secret code from George Brown which generates traffic for his websites etc.

TRAFFIC ULTIMATUM MODULE 9 – Piggyback/Integration Marketing

This is the final module of driving free traffic. After this, all marketing modules will require some investment.

Piggyback marketing is an arrangement, where two or more companies help each other to market their products. However, the products have to be complementary and not competing against each other.

In this module you will learn successful tips for joint venture ship i.e. how to partner easily with other people for traffic and sales generation.


This is one the most popular ways of driving paid traffic and too much successful for advertisers. Thanks to Google Adwords, as they made PPC advertising successful for both advertisers and website owners.

In this module you will learn tips for starting out a successful Adwords campaign under proper budget. Including, the real “secret” formula Google use to rank Ads – and how to manipulate it.

And yes, you will also get tips on creating successful and high converting landing pages to stuff in your pockets with as much money you can.

TRAFFIC ULTIMATUM MODULE 11 – Google Content Network

This module will help you to improve your PPC strategies especially for Adwords. You will learn how to make your ads to be shown only on some selected websites which could really generate good amount of traffic converting to sales and then how these campaigns can also be easily implemented on other sites offering contextual advertising like Facebook, Adbrite, Bidvertiser etc.


PPV stands for pay per view i.e. you pay per view of your ad. This type of advertising has come into buzz amongst internet marketers from previous year. You will learn the secret of getting traffic for as low as 1 cent/click in this module. Plus you will learn where you should actually look for to get good quality pay per view traffic.

TRAFFIC ULTIMATUM MODULE 13 – The Super Advanced “Ninja” Stuff

So we have come to the last module now of traffic ultimatum course. In this module you will learn cutting edge traffic generation techniques specially brought to highlight by George Brown. You will also learn in this module about How to step into BIG email buys, “YouTube buying” for traffic generation on huge basis.

My Take On Traffic Ultimatum?

Yes, you saw it right. Traffic Ultimatum is according to me the best All-In-One course out there for people looking to get targeted traffic to their website so that their sales can improve. As you can see in this traffic ultimatum review you will get loads of traffic generation methods which will drive targeted traffic flowing inn and generating income for you.

The experience of George Brown in Internet Marketing industry is too good and he has shown this in traffic ultimatum. The cost of traffic ultimatum is actually $497 but right now you can buy traffic ultimatum for just $197.

Using Traffic Ultimatum strategies, I definitely think that your traffic will explode and the traffic stats will look something like this:

And, With that huge amount of targeted traffic, you could definitely see income something like this or maybe 10x better than this:


I’m sure that your this investment won’t go waste. But in case you are worrying that “What’s the Guarantee in it?” then I will say that George Brown is giving 100% Money Back Guarantee if you feel that the course have not helped you even a bit after using it for 60 days. Isn’t that Cool? But I’m sure that you won’t feel the need of it.

ATTENTION: There are Limited Copies to be sold so make sure you hurry and have your copy right now otherwise you will have to wait very long for it’s next part to come out…

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