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This is a guest post by Chris Kahler from

How awesome would it be if you could convince anyone reading your content to do exactly what you say?

How efficiently would you grow your blog and your business if everyone would just do as you asked?…

Persuasion is a skill learned just like any other, and is one of the most beneficial investments one can make as a blogger.

Then the question becomes… What makes this skill so special over any others?

It’s simple really…

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This is a guest post by David Walker. You can read his blog on DavidWalker.TV where he teaches how to make money online. Read in this post, what David thinks over using “free articles” on a blog and why you should avoid using it on your blog.

One of the emails I have queued up in my autoresponder sequence is an offer to write a guest blog post for any of my subscribers who wants one.

There are a few stipulations, of course, such as I’ll only write a post for blogs hosted on their own domains, e.g. rather than or But even with a list of perquisite requirements in place, I still end up rejecting around 99 percent of all requests.

The reason?

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This is a guest post by Rick LaPoint, who successfully runs various websites and you can see all of them at In today’s guest post, you will learn how to improve writing skills that will easily attract readers towards it and you will find yourself enjoying great benefits.

Anyone can write a sentence. And anyone can string sentences into a paragraph. Anyone can communicate their ideas to others in a manner that is understood.

But there  is a big difference between writing  that simply communicates and writing that motivates.

Good writing is engaging, entertaining, and leaves the reader with specific emotions deliberately embedded by the author of the text.

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