facebook coupon giveaway

ALERT On 28th April 2011: Participate In Our Google AdWords Voucher Giveaway.

I want to start this post with a BIG THANKS to everyone who participated in my 5 Facebook coupon giveaway. This giveaway honestly outperformed my expectations. I thought the giveaway would receive somewhere around 60-70 likes but YOU ALL seriously blown away that figure. This giveaway got a whooping total of 90 Likes, 91 LIKES (a ‘like’ just prickled in when I re-checked the figures) 😉

So thanks again, and I really appreciate your support and excitement.

Moving onto results. What results? huh? There are no coupons! lol…I was joking, It was A BIG APRIL FOOL (a little late) prank from me. You just got punk’d! 😀

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