link building benefits for seo

This is a guest post by Jessica Meyer, an experienced writer who is telling us today the benefits of what we are all doing for our blogs – link building.

Sometimes a blog feels like a different kind of animal in the internet jungle. It’s not exactly a business, and so sometimes the tenants of SEO that most web-based businesses obsess over don’t seem to matter as much.

One of the most vital elements for most websites is link building, but as bloggers we are content to say, “Yeah that looks hard, I’m just gonna sit this one out.”

But whether you’re a mommy blogger or having a money making blog, getting links is as crucial to you as any online company. Typhoon and others have given some great ideas for ways to build back links, but in order to make the most of any link building strategy it’s important to keep in mind all of the various reasons why getting links is so important.

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