making money with niche marketing

Niche marketing is about focusing your marketing efforts on a particular market segment, or “niche” and creating a product and/or service that speaks directly to that niche.

So, how specific is a niche? Well, let’s look at a couple of examples:

  • Market = “Pets”
    Niche = “West Highland Terriers”
  • Market = “Food”
    Niche = “Organically grown berries”
  • Market = “Clothes”
    Niche = “Tailor made suits”
  • Market = “Finance”
    Niche = “401K Retirement Plan Advisors”

The list could go on and on… and on… but hopefully you get the point. A niche is basically just targeted subsection of any larger market. Niche marketing is focusing your marketing efforts on that subsection to provide them with the tools, services, and/or products they need.

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