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This is a guest post by Duncan Heath, an online marketer. You can website one of his business website: ExtremeSportsTrader.co.uk. Today, in this post you will get to learn how to establish your website/business as a popular brand and make Google realize it to get huge exposure. I am sure these strategies will be really helpful for you.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the importance of establishing yourself as an online brand to help improve your rankings in the search engines.

Some have argued that search engines are now paying more attention to online ‘brands’, others highlight how establishing yourself as a brand can win you new exposure and there are even those SEO’s who’s research shows that thinking ‘brand’ in your offsite marketing strategy could be more important than just going after desirable keywords.

In my opinion Google is turning to brands in an attempt to rid its SERPS of increasing levels of spam on the web. If it can identify which websites are ‘brands’ it can give more inherent power to these sites as they typically have very low levels of spam and are often well-trusted.

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