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This is a guest post by Lee Ka Hoong from MyBlog2Day.

Comments are an important element in a blog, a blog without comments is like a cage without birds, which is not fun at all. Blog comments are important for a blog as readers would share their experiences and opinions regarding your article topic. Therefore, you may be able to learn something new from the comments.

When you visit a blog and see that there are less or no comments on every single post, what will you feel? You might feel that the quality of content is poor and doesn’t attract anymore to leave a comment, and then you’ll leave too. It’s important for us to do something to increase the participation rate in our blog, it adds value to our blog.

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This is a guest post by Anil Gupta from

These days a blog’s popularity is a lot like a person’s personal life. The more social you are the higher popularity your blog will gain. Blogging is no longer as easy simply putting up a post and switching off the computer “hoping” for a wave of traffic.

Visitors will only come and comment if they like your blog popularity. Every one likes being associated to popular people. Similarly, in the blogosphere all bloggers want to be associated and be linked from a popular blog that everyone knows about.

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