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This is a guest post by Akash Kumar from iSEOforGoogle.

How To Get More Traffic To My Website” has got to be the biggest question of today’s internet age amongst webmasters.

Whether you are a large corporate or an in-house firm, traffic is the need of the day. Most of the online businesses fail due to lack of adequete traffic, but you can avoid this by following sound internet marketing techniques.

Here are a few methods you can use to increase your website traffic…

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This is a guest post by Jesse Langley from

There’s a corollary to the famous P.T. Barnum quote, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” and it is: “and when they grow up they buy +1 button votes.”

The phrase itself might not stick, but bloggers who see shiny gold in any of the numerous ads by companies selling such things should stop and say, out loud, one mind-clearing word: Panda!

What are the odds that the search-engine force that introduced that most recent of updates to its own algorithm won’t be able to detect – and downgrade – sites using such black hat gaming schemes?

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This is a guest post by James Martell

Are you trying to make your website profitable? Are you struggling to earn traffic, PageRank, and top 10 Google results? Are you spending far too much time, money, and effort on marketing without getting the results you need?

No, the Internet isn’t broken and their’s still tons of money to be made out their but it’s time that you got wise about how you’re doing what you’re doing.

In fact, one of the main reasons you’re not doing as well as you could be is that you’re relying on an outdated and ineffective marketing tool: Article Marketing.

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This is a guest post by Sahil Bajaj from

Recently Google Panda update has affected the website ranking system. With this new implemented algorithm many of the websites has achieved success but most of the popular blogs or websites has it all wrong and has loosing experience for this new algorithm.

So every blogger right now is seeking for the right way to overcome the Google Panda Effect.

So why not start with a basic SEO practice, its right time to regain some valid SEO points in to your mind. Basic is what we all are missing right now, according to SEO experts this new algorithm could demand some basic thing to keep up. So, it’s time to start from basic of SEO to remove Google Panda effect.

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This is a guest post by James Hewson, a freelance writer living in UK and working for a SEO company: RMGSEO. Find out in this post, how james easily managed to avoid the panda farmer for himself and his clients without any loss of traffic, that many other websites are noticing after the Google’s panda farmer update.

I am sure many of you reading this will have heard about the recent algorithmic changes Google has made to its US and now all English-speaking indexes. For those who do not, they were aptly named the ‘Farmer and Panda’ updates – I like to refer to them combined as the ‘Panda Farmer’!

The first update only a few weeks ago (Farmer) was a major change in the ranking algorithm used by Google and impacted around 12% of websites, some large and some small. Following the fallout of this update (a number of high-profile websites were dropped right out of the first few pages) some tweaks were made and a further smaller update was implemented to mop up the mess (Panda).

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