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Twitter,which is one of the Popular micro blogging sites can help you earn lots of money.It’s not anything twittter going to do, it’s Twittad which will help you make money by your twitter account..It will help you make money by displaying ads on your twitter profile. It’s not something like Google Adsense or any other such site, it’s based on the backgrounds images.

First when you choose to register for it then it will ask you the Cost For displaying ads on your profile on various packages like for 7 days,15 days,1 month and 3 months.

How Does Twittad Works:

1. Post Twitter account for advertisers to purchase
2. Select your duration & price
3. Wait for advertiser to purchase
4. Accept or Deny the proposed ad within 24 hours of purchase
5. If you accept, upload ad to the design section on your Twitter account
6. Notify TwittAd through your account maintenance page on TwittAd that the ad has been placed

If any advertiser interested in advertising in your twitter profile will give the money which you have fixed earlier.
You will get paid every hour you serve the ad. A Virtual Account balance will be calculated and once the advertisers ad expires the money is released into your Real Account balance.

TIP: The better number of followers to your twitter profile there is more chances to get an advertiser for it 🙂

You can read some Important FAQ’s about it here .

So what are your thinking about it in your mind right now? Are you gonna use it ?