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This is a guest post by Melvin of

I’m not quite sure if this is really the “in” thing these days but it seems like in every corner, you’ll easily find a kid (also means a teenager) who either has his own blog/website or is doing client work as a business. I know this phenomenon has started even in the earlier part of this decade but I just couldn’t help but get amazed on how these young kids get to work and be crafty on starting their own mini business.

Even though I’m speaking like an old man, I, myself is only 19 years old so I kinda understand why young people like us (including the owner of this blog) are so determined on carving our way into entrepreneurial success. Of course, the ratio of successful youngsters against those who are not is pretty small. But that is understandable. I mean most of them are not yet even in college so how do you expect them to know all those marketing and entrepreneurial stuffs?

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This is a guest post by Cori Padgett who blogs at

I know you have a Facebook account.  Your secret’s out!

Maybe everyone in your entire family has one already and you use it to reconnect with each other every once in a while. Maybe you use it to play games online, rant about what you do at home or at work, or simply to catch up on the latest gossip with your friends.

Hey, I’m not here to judge!

But then one day while you’re happily watching your Restaurant City crew feed the crowds that come through your cafe’s doors, your eyes slide to the sidebar on the left of your screen.

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This is a guest post by Mkakan and you can read his blog at for useful blogging tips.

One of the most popular blog niches in the blogosphere is blogging about blogging and the make money online niche. Many bloggers, old, new and emerging are running or starting blogs about blogging.

Is there anything wrong with this?

Well, very many.

But before you read on, this post may only apply to bloggers who want to make money from blogging or bloggers who want to make an impact in whatever niche they are in.

It also depends on the purpose of your blog.

Let’s continue.

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This is a guest post by Tushar Agarwal from BloggersPassion.

The general definition of a student all around the world is same – a child who studies. Their daily routine comprises of going to school/college and completing assignments related to your subjects. Normally, a student’s life is considered boring because he do not have much to do except studying and securing good marks.

But in this era of modernization and materialism, students need extra money to live their life and so they are indulging in part time jobs. And lot of them has opted for blogging. I personally feel that blogging is the best part time business for any student. There are lots of positives in blogging which can compliment your all round performance.

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This is a guest post by Anil Gupta from

These days a blog’s popularity is a lot like a person’s personal life. The more social you are the higher popularity your blog will gain. Blogging is no longer as easy simply putting up a post and switching off the computer “hoping” for a wave of traffic.

Visitors will only come and comment if they like your blog popularity. Every one likes being associated to popular people. Similarly, in the blogosphere all bloggers want to be associated and be linked from a popular blog that everyone knows about.

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