This is a guest post by Adesoji Adegbulu of in which he guides us to increase google quality score for better ppc marketing.

Google Quality Score is a number that Google awards each advertiser. The score is developed based on the quality of your ads, the click through rate they receive, the quality of the landing page/website you send the user to and the overall value you provide to the user and the network.

The higher your quality score, the lower advertising prices you will pay.

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In this post I will be sharing Free Facebook ad Coupon codes by which you can get huge discounts for advertising on Facebook social networking site. These coupons are sure shot way to get fb ads free.

With Facebook Ads you can target over 100 million users as precisely as you want – from age, gender and other demographics all the way down to their specific passions and interests.

I will keep updating this post as soon as new coupons arrives so that you can get fb ads for free.

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