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This is a guest post by Lee Ka Hoong from BloggingWP.

Of late, owning a website or blog is not simple or easier compared to how it was a few years back. Previously a good and attractive design of a ‘*.com’ domain caught attention easily. Webmaster neither had a need to prove its quality nor demonstrate the reason for providing solution to everyday problems.

Blogging, today has invaded greatly into the field of networking. Bloggers are interested in building relationship with their visitors and budding customers. These days, the trend has changed such that visitors and customers are interested in knowing the person behind the blog before they read the content of it. The blogger has to interact and relate with the readers to meet their confidence or trust.

Being a blogger for the past few years and gaining experience, I have noticed some means that builds trustworthiness among the visitors. Some of them are very easy to be implemented whereas some others require effort and time.

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