7 Practices For Bloggers To Build Trust From Readers

by Lee Ka Hoong · 74 comments

This is a guest post by Lee Ka Hoong from BloggingWP.

Of late, owning a website or blog is not simple or easier compared to how it was a few years back. Previously a good and attractive design of a ‘*.com’ domain caught attention easily. Webmaster neither had a need to prove its quality nor demonstrate the reason for providing solution to everyday problems.

Blogging, today has invaded greatly into the field of networking. Bloggers are interested in building relationship with their visitors and budding customers. These days, the trend has changed such that visitors and customers are interested in knowing the person behind the blog before they read the content of it. The blogger has to interact and relate with the readers to meet their confidence or trust.

Being a blogger for the past few years and gaining experience, I have noticed some means that builds trustworthiness among the visitors. Some of them are very easy to be implemented whereas some others require effort and time.

However, by executing some of these techniques, we can see the difference.

1. About Me

As a blogger, the first essential step would be to let the visitors know who you are! The ‘About me’ page should be clearly visible and easily assessable. It should not be concealed or bloated out. It is better if there are links to the ‘About Me’ page along the sidebars and below every blog post.

Another suggestion for the blogger would be to include some pictures and videos of yours. This would help the readers trust on you and not on the posts alone.

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2. Organize Get-Together

Another way to build confidence among the readers of the blog is to pick a few of the regular visitors and people of expertise from your blog and interact with them. This can be done by organizing get-together.

As a start-up, it can be done in a smaller level but once the online business grows, mega events can be organized. Attending events conducted by other bloggers will also help in building relationships. This would also pull in more customers and an avenue to partner with expert people on the content of your blog.

3. Interactive Sessions

Interactive sessions like Q&A, polls, consultant services etc. is another way to build a trustworthy relationship with the visitors. This not only will help to increase the traffic to the blog but also will let the regular visitors be aware of the professional expertise and knowledge you have.

4. Freebies

There are many things that can be offered for free – e-books, coupons, designs, themes, services etc… As most of the people like to get free things, offering some freebies would make the people realize that you are generous too. This will also help in promoting yourself and increase the subscribers count.

5. Blogging Something Personal

Writing about the personal in the blog would further help one in gaining confidence among visitors. Such posts would not only take the about me page even further but it is also fun to read.

They may not convey the area of expertise of your blog, but will for sure help to build personal relationship with bloggers. Blogging about summer holidays or breakfast is cool to read and there is no need to be worried or shy about it.

However more of personal blogging is also not advisable.

6. Use Social Media

It is a well-known fact that in the internet world, most of the people are addicted to social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter etc… Linking your website along with these networking sites in an innovative and wise way will have its own payback.

7. Responding To Visitors Comments And Emails

Another important factor that builds trust is the way you respond to the comments people leave on the blog. It is important to answer their queries and share opinions about the comments they give. This would encourage not only the visitor who shared the comment but also other visitors with an idea that the blog owner observes and notes their opinions. Alternatively you can also email them directly.

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Kristen B. January 7, 2012 at 3:12 pm

I have been using social networking sites and I have to say that it is effective. I am going to try to create a better “about me,” which could help me attract more clients. And trying to respond more to my readers’ comments so that I could be able to connect more with my readers. Thanks for the interesting suggestions.

David Sneen January 13, 2012 at 12:33 pm

Lee, Congratulations on winning the contest! As I read your blog, the item that hits me is, use something personal. I promise to do this on one of my posts in the near future.

Carol Wilson January 23, 2012 at 2:35 pm

Hello Lee,
I very much liked your post which provides a trust worthy blogging tips and guidance.I wanted to create my personal blog and I know your this post will definetly make my blog trust worthy for my readers.Keep posting such nice tips.Superlike.

Addie February 6, 2012 at 1:23 pm

Hello Lee!

I couldn’t agree more that “About Me” section should be the first thing to consider. A good and transparent “About Me” with photo of the blogger is definitely the best way to get the trust of your readers.

– Addie

Matilda Vang March 16, 2012 at 8:25 am

We can see that most bloggers respond to comments/emails at their early stages but as they become established, they totally ignore any responses from their readers; this is a deadly thing. Thanks for the interesting suggestions.

Samuel May 16, 2012 at 12:47 am

A get-together is a great idea for a trust-builder, but be sure to build enough trust through these other methods for a while before trying to get others to meet with you offline. We’ve all heard those craigslist horror stories.

Michael January 19, 2013 at 5:45 am

The biggest red-flag for me, Lee is when a site is missing an About Us page and I’m glad that featured so highly on your list.

It doesn’t take long to set up such a page and just give your readers a little more insight into your personality and your motives for launching your site. I’ve read some great about us pages that have made me return to sites I otherwise wouldn’t have needed to go back to. On the flip side, the lack of such a page results in a near-certain bounce from me.

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