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There she sits at her computer wondering why there’s been no sales in the last week. She checks her statistics. Sure enough! The traffic flow has increased. She’s been getting more visitors to her site, but why aren’t any of those visitors buying? She shrugs her shoulders and sighs…

“I guess it’s just impossible to earn a decent income online.”

If you’ve experienced this frustration yourself, you’re not alone. As we read many blogs, ebooks and reports on how to generate traffic, we’re often left clueless on how to convert those visitors into real sales. In the online business world it’s necessary to build trust. Our visitors cannot see us there behind our computers.

When they visit our site, they wonder, “Is this an honest site, or is there another scam artist behind the scenes?

This is where content marketing must do its duty well. We need to take our visitors by the hand and lead them along by using our communication wisely to build credibility. The purpose of the content we share online should show that we have the product or service that can indeed be of true value to them.

People do buy from those they like and trust; however, they will NOT pull out their wallet unless they’re convinced that what you offer can really help them.

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