Alright, it’s time to unveil itGuest Blogging Gone CRAZY II Contest.

This time you can win $900 $1050 HARD CASH (actually virtual money 😛 ) just by getting your guest post published on this blog and getting as many points as possible (how? – keep reading…)

You can easily take away some cash with you when you submit your guest post starting from today till September 25th. Every guest post submitted before September 25th will be taken into consideration for the contest if it meets SmartBloggerz’s guest posting guidelines. BUT, only 1 guest post will be published everyday to give a fair chance to every guest author.

The circulation will continue even after September 25th if there happens to be a case that this contest gets a lot of posts. That means, there is no expected date that when this contest will end and the results be announced, but I will keep you updated when required by making updates on the blog and on the SmartBloggerz’s facebook fan page.

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ALERT On 28th April 2011: Participate In Our Google AdWords Voucher Giveaway.

I want to start this post with a BIG THANKS to everyone who participated in my 5 Facebook coupon giveaway. This giveaway honestly outperformed my expectations. I thought the giveaway would receive somewhere around 60-70 likes but YOU ALL seriously blown away that figure. This giveaway got a whooping total of 90 Likes, 91 LIKES (a ‘like’ just prickled in when I re-checked the figures) 😉

So thanks again, and I really appreciate your support and excitement.

Moving onto results. What results? huh? There are no coupons! lol…I was joking, It was A BIG APRIL FOOL (a little late) prank from me. You just got punk’d! 😀

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