This is a guest post by David Sumner from twago.

Except for the lucky few, most bloggers have to fit their passion for writing in and around their 9-5 jobs.

Unless you’re a professional freelance blogger earning good money from your blogging (which let’s be frank most of us aren’t), and the only time you can dedicate to your blog is in your free-time, then you’ll need to hone your writing skills and blog to the world without becoming a social outcast and gluing yourself to your laptop all weekend.

However, blogging on the weekends or at other times brings with it a whole host of distractions and issues that are designed to make it more difficult than ever to focus on your writing.

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This is a guest post by Brian Jenkins and you can visit his website to know more what he does. In this post, you will learn how you can easily get freelance blogging job if you will follow some simple principles that will increase your chance to get approved for that freelance blogging job from the company.

Are you looking for freelance blogging job? Plenty of companies and websites hire freelance bloggers, and making a good first impression is vital in getting a freelance blogging job. Grab their attention beginning with the first sentence of your email.

Good freelance blogging job attracts a plenty of applicants. What can you do to get one of these highly sought after positions?

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This is a guest post by Nitin Aggarwal from OffshoreAlly telling us 6 tips for proper management of our freelancing business.

As a freelancer or owner of a freelancing business, you have the freedom and opportunity to set your own hours, rates, and schedule. Many people would say that you are truly living the dream!

However, there is a dark side to freelancing if you don’t handle your daily tasks and scheduling properly; leaving you with a crazy workload, angry clients, and unpaid invoices.

How do you prevent this nightmare from coming true?

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