how to start a blog

HOW TO START A BLOG?” – This is the same question that a newbie asks when he/she is interested to start a blog. Even though starting a blog might seem like it is something that would be very easy, it actually is not. Thousands of people search for how to start a blog but still don’t get anywhere because of wrong approach. If your goal is to create a cash sucking blog that will bring in readers and customers, then you will need to understand the individual components that will give you the best chance to do this.

Those important components required in order to successfully start a blog would be niche selection, domain name selection, the blogging platform, web hosting, and the design of your blog. Each of these components must be understood and properly executed. And in this post, I am going to finally teach you how to start a blog from scratch…

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This is a guest post by Bilal Ahmed from, blogging today to tell us some basic tips to keep in mind while creating/managing blogs.

Blogging is a very profitable and stable business, but the competition has made it very difficult for newbies to enter in this field.

The reasons are so many, e.g lack of knowledge and confidence, less experience, desire of getting popular in short time, expecting things is short span of time, coming up with competitive topics, not reading and following recommendations of the popular bloggers, monotony and having no proper business plan and so on…..

The only way for a newbie in this competitive environment is to stand out of the crowd.

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