how to write best post

This is a guest post by Daniel Pintilie from

Nowadays, we have grown accustomed to perceiving blogs as an enjoyable online presence, sometimes forgetting that they represent a new entity.

Bloggers, the folks who administrate the blogs, are part journalists because the writing talent is required to keep up good traffic but at the same time they need a little (don’t be afraid, if you know more it won’t do any harm) knowledge about SEO, social media and web design.

Due to the huge number of blogs, which is the equivalent of a terrible competition between these and their writers, an article has two major aspects:

  • The content of the post itself, which is the most important; it should be enjoyed by the readers and is somehow similar to an article in a print edition.
  • The SEO & social media measures taken to push the blog on the first page when the users search for some specific keywords.

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