Traffic Generation Technique

This is a guest post by Febap Liew who is writing about video marketing in this post. Visit his blog at to explore more about blogging and making money online.

In an unannounced bonus within Ewen Chia’s 24 Hour Internet Business, he has dedicated a section that greatly emphasized on the power of video marketing.

This marketing strategy itself has proof to significantly boost part of my internet business revenues. If you are not using this as a way to promote your websites or your internet business, you are really missing out.

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Top 10 Search Terms:

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Every blogger want to increase traffic to his/her blog because without traffic, their blog means nothing.In every post they wants to use the tricks which can drive more traffic to their blog. So, i am also showing this type of trick which can drive up to 60% of your total traffic to your blog. His trick will boost your site meter.As half of your traffic comes from Google & in Google, people doesn’t search only the web articles

They also search for the images.I am sure your blog or site will have images in their posts or content but you dont know how to make these images as a source of traffic.Now i will show you how to drive more traffic to your blog through these images or pictures.

About my 50% of total traffic to my blog is coming through these images.It is very easy to use this trick if you follow the below tips from my experiences.You can view these tips below.

3 Steps to Increase your Blog Traffic with images:

1. Use Keywords in the name of images.

2. Upload images to your own site.This will also increase your page rank if someone copy images from your site.

3. Use compressed images means upload low sized images.

If you wanna copy images from another site, first look to the name of image.If it is like these:

‘image001’ or ‘photo1’, etc.You have to download these images and use keywords when you name it.If you follow these steps, i am sure your blog or site traffic will be doubled as mine:)