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This is a guest post (in the form of YouTube video) by Andy Harward from This is the first time SmartBloggerz is publishing a video guest post. I hope when you will watch the video below, you will greatly benefit from the tips Andy gives you through it. I also hope you will get inspiration from this video and it will set a new trend of video guest blogging 😀

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This is a guest post by Febap Liew who is writing about video marketing in this post. Visit his blog at to explore more about blogging and making money online.

In an unannounced bonus within Ewen Chia’s 24 Hour Internet Business, he has dedicated a section that greatly emphasized on the power of video marketing.

This marketing strategy itself has proof to significantly boost part of my internet business revenues. If you are not using this as a way to promote your websites or your internet business, you are really missing out.

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