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This is a guest post by Divya Rawat from

The second quarter of 2012 is already well on its way. With Google topping all SEO news charts, one can safely predict that there are going to be dynamic changes in the industry.

Experts are predicting a major shift of focus from just Link Building to brand link building strategies. Viral Content and Social Media are also on the search engines’ radar.

Change is a harbinger of a new world order; this is true for all SEO campaigns. The perception that SEO is all about link building will not stand in good stead, just as it did not previously. All webmasters will have to pull up their socks as the latest updates by the leading search engine Google in its algorithms are going to affect the rankings, drastically.

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This is a guest post by Tom Mcloughlin who offers link building services with The WebMarketing Group.

Links are the fuel of SEO success so if you want to get good traffic from search engines to your blog then you need to get great links.

We all know about the fantastic value offered by guest posting, but what other ‘white hat’ ways can you get more links pointing to your blog?

The 3 ideas below will set you up for great results from your link building efforts and start the traffic flooding to your blog from search engines!

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This is a guest post by Jeff from

Search engines are constantly evolving and updating the ways they rank webpages according to variables like links, backlinks, keywords and phrases, on-page and off-page content, how long a site has been around, how often it is updated, physical location and much more.

The goal of search engines is not to help you, the webpage or blog owner, get ranked higher.

Their goal is to provide searchers with the most relevant information possible, first, given the keywords or phrases entered into a search. With that in mind, here are some ways to improve your search rankings:

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This is a guest post by Jessica Meyer, an experienced writer who is telling us today the benefits of what we are all doing for our blogs – link building.

Sometimes a blog feels like a different kind of animal in the internet jungle. It’s not exactly a business, and so sometimes the tenants of SEO that most web-based businesses obsess over don’t seem to matter as much.

One of the most vital elements for most websites is link building, but as bloggers we are content to say, “Yeah that looks hard, I’m just gonna sit this one out.”

But whether you’re a mommy blogger or having a money making blog, getting links is as crucial to you as any online company. Typhoon and others have given some great ideas for ways to build back links, but in order to make the most of any link building strategy it’s important to keep in mind all of the various reasons why getting links is so important.

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This is a guest post by Sneha Rastogi who works at LinkBuildingWorks that offers link building services to webmasters. She is sharing this post today to guide us the right way that should be used by people when they participate in forums to build backlinks.

What do you think about forum posting?  I mean how much do you think it has benefited you in getting backlinks?  Are you one of those who feel that forum is a place just to drop links and then leave? Wait then!!

I think someone has misled you and you need help!! Forums, more than for any other cause, are for sharing knowledge and share ideas about topics we all are willing to discuss.

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