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Anyone who is serious about running a business these days definitely needs to keep track of their search engine optimization process. It’s surprising that more businesses aren’t educated on the importance of search engines imitation and what it can mean for their overall bottom line.

I understand that sometimes search engine optimization might seem rather intimidating and complicated.

But even if you don’t understand it, there are paid professionals and businesses that make it their number one job to understand search engine optimization. These professionals and businesses can help you to start keeping track of such matters. They can handle all of the legwork for you, or more importantly make it easy for you to keep track without having to be a search engine optimization wizard.

One such business that can help you do that would be Sheer SEO.

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This is a guest post by Borko Simms from in which he guides us on how to choose a web hosting that’s seo friendly.

As you wade through the endless array of web hosting options and rank them in order of your particular criteria, it’s important to take your potential search engine ranking into account.

You might be wondering how a web host could possibly affect your search engine ranking.

In fact, there are several aspects of your ranking that can be influenced by your chosen host, so it’s important to learn what they are and rate a potential host accordingly.

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