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This is a guest post by CJ who is a full-time blogger and you can read his blog at AffiliateGroundz.

Now, when when i say “places”, I most definitely could have been a little more specific. Because the 10 places you need to visit before you die have nothing to with traveling! I’m talking about places on the internet! I’ve put together a list of 10 places you absolutely must visit if you want to make money online.

See, a lot of people are caught up on the lie that they need to spend money in order to make money. Well that’s just not true at all. I’m going to to list a combination of tools, blogs, and other resources that I use to make money on the internet. And oh yeah, when I say you need to visit these 10 places before you die, I mean, you need to visit these 10 places before the end of the week. They’re all free, so there’s nothing to lose!

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Today,I added a Link Exchange Widget By I have tried a few blog link exchange programs such as EntreCard, Spottt, 125(something!!something) in which I like The Entrecard Only.All are the waste of time since Spottt team is god know exist or not ,as they did not reviwed my blog from 2 weeks due to which I got frustrated n removed tht stupid widget.

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Since we all know Mozilla has released the much awaited 3.0 version of Firefox. If you didnt know, then you can download it from following link:

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0

Or you can download its portable version which doesnt need to install:

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Portable Edition

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<body bgcolor=”#ff0000″>

<font color=”#00ff66″>

Here is a complete chart of color codes you can use to change your font color or background etc.

ff00fe ff00fd ff00fc ff00fb ff00fa ff00f9 ff00f8 ff00f7 ff00f6 ff00f5 ff00f4 ff00f3 ff00f2 ff00f1 ff00f0 ff00ef
ff00ee ff00ed ff00ec ff00eb ff00ea ff00e9 ff00e8 ff00e7 ff00e6 ff00e5 ff00e4 ff00e3 ff00e2 ff00e1 ff00e0 ff00df
ff00de ff00dd ff00dc ff00db ff00da ff00d9 ff00d8 ff00d7 ff00d6 ff00d5 ff00d4 ff00d3 ff00d2 ff00d1 ff00d0 ff00cf
ff00ce ff00cd ff00cc ff00cb ff00ca ff00c9 ff00c8 ff00c7 ff00c6 ff00c5 ff00c4 ff00c3 ff00c2 ff00c1 ff00c0 ff00bf
ff00be ff00bd ff00bc ff00bb ff00ba ff00b9 ff00b8 ff00b7 ff00b6 ff00b5 ff00b4 ff00b3 ff00b2 ff00b1 ff00b0 ff00af
ff00ae ff00ad ff00ac ff00ab ff00aa ff00a9 ff00a8 ff00a7 ff00a6 ff00a5 ff00a4 ff00a3 ff00a2 ff00a1 ff00a0 ff009f
ff009e ff009d ff009c ff009b ff009a ff0099 ff0098 ff0097 ff0096 ff0095 ff0094 ff0093 ff0092 ff0091 ff0090 ff008f
ff008e ff008d ff008c ff008b ff008a ff0089 ff0088 ff0087 ff0086 ff0085 ff0084 ff0083 ff0082 ff0081 ff0080 ff007f
ff007e ff007d ff007c ff007b ff007a ff0079 ff0078 ff0077 ff0076 ff0075 ff0074 ff0073 ff0072 ff0071 ff0070 ff006f
ff006e ff006d ff006c ff006b ff006a ff0069 ff0068 ff0067 ff0066 ff0065 ff0064 ff0063 ff0062 ff0061 ff0060 ff005f
ff005e ff005d ff005c ff005b ff005a ff0059 ff0058 ff0057 ff0056 ff0055 ff0054 ff0053 ff0052 ff0051 ff0050 ff004f
ff004e ff004d ff004c ff004b ff004a ff0049 ff0048 ff0047 ff0046 ff0045 ff0044 ff0043 ff0042 ff0041 ff0040 ff003f
ff003e ff003d ff003c ff003b ff003a ff0039 ff0038 ff0037 ff0036 ff0035 ff0034 ff0033 ff0032 ff0031 ff0030 ff002f
ff002e ff002d ff002c ff002b ff002a ff0029 ff0028 ff0027 ff0026 ff0025 ff0024 ff0023 ff0022 ff0021 ff0020 ff001f
ff001e ff001d ff001c ff001b ff001a ff0019 ff0018 ff0017 ff0016 ff0015 ff0014 ff0013 ff0012 ff0011 ff0010 ff000f
ff000e ff000d ff000c ff000b ff000a ff0009 ff0008 ff0007 ff0006 ff0005 ff0004 ff0003 ff0002 ff0001 ff0000 ff0000
ff0100 ff0200 ff0300 ff0400 ff0500 ff0600 ff0700 ff0800 ff0900 ff0a00 ff0b00 ff0c00 ff0d00 ff0e00 ff0f00 ff1000
ff1100 ff1200 ff1300 ff1400 ff1500 ff1600 ff1700 ff1800 ff1900 ff1a00 ff1b00 ff1c00 ff1d00 ff1e00 ff1f00 ff2000
ff2100 ff2200 ff2300 ff2400 ff2500 ff2600 ff2700 ff2800 ff2900 ff2a00 ff2b00 ff2c00 ff2d00 ff2e00 ff2f00 ff3000
ff3100 ff3200 ff3300 ff3400 ff3500 ff3600 ff3700 ff3800 ff3900 ff3a00 ff3b00 ff3c00 ff3d00 ff3e00 ff3f00 ff4000
ff4100 ff4200 ff4300 ff4400 ff4500 ff4600 ff4700 ff4800 ff4900 ff4a00 ff4b00 ff4c00 ff4d00 ff4e00 ff4f00 ff5000
ff5100 ff5200 ff5300 ff5400 ff5500 ff5600 ff5700 ff5800 ff5900 ff5a00 ff5b00 ff5c00 ff5d00 ff5e00 ff5f00 ff6000
ff6100 ff6200 ff6300 ff6400 ff6500 ff6600 ff6700 ff6800 ff6900 ff6a00 ff6b00 ff6c00 ff6d00 ff6e00 ff6f00 ff7000
ff7100 ff7200 ff7300 ff7400 ff7500 ff7600 ff7700 ff7800 ff7900 ff7a00 ff7b00 ff7c00 ff7d00 ff7e00 ff7f00 ff8000
ff8100 ff8200 ff8300 ff8400 ff8500 ff8600 ff8700 ff8800 ff8900 ff8a00 ff8b00 ff8c00 ff8d00 ff8e00 ff8f00 ff9000
ff9100 ff9200 ff9300 ff9400 ff9500 ff9600 ff9700 ff9800 ff9900 ff9a00 ff9b00 ff9c00 ff9d00 ff9e00 ff9f00 ffa000
ffa100 ffa200 ffa300 ffa400 ffa500 ffa600 ffa700 ffa800 ffa900 ffaa00 ffab00 ffac00 ffad00 ffae00 ffaf00 ffb000
ffb100 ffb200 ffb300 ffb400 ffb500 ffb600 ffb700 ffb800 ffb900 ffba00 ffbb00 ffbc00 ffbd00 ffbe00 ffbf00 ffc000
ffc100 ffc200 ffc300 ffc400 ffc500 ffc600 ffc700 ffc800 ffc900 ffca00 ffcb00 ffcc00 ffcd00 ffce00 ffcf00 ffd000
ffd100 ffd200 ffd300 ffd400 ffd500 ffd600 ffd700 ffd800 ffd900 ffda00 ffdb00 ffdc00 ffdd00 ffde00 ffdf00 ffe000
ffe100 ffe200 ffe300 ffe400 ffe500 ffe600 ffe700 ffe800 ffe900 ffea00 ffeb00 ffec00 ffed00 ffee00 ffef00 fff000
fff100 fff200 fff300 fff400 fff500 fff600 fff700 fff800 fff900 fffa00 fffb00 fffc00 fffd00 fffe00 ffff00 feff00
fdff00 fcff00 fbff00 faff00 f9ff00 f8ff00 f7ff00 f6ff00 f5ff00 f4ff00 f3ff00 f2ff00 f1ff00 f0ff00 efff00 eeff00
edff00 ecff00 ebff00 eaff00 e9ff00 e8ff00 e7ff00 e6ff00 e5ff00 e4ff00 e3ff00 e2ff00 e1ff00 e0ff00 dfff00 deff00
ddff00 dcff00 dbff00 daff00 d9ff00 d8ff00 d7ff00 d6ff00 d5ff00 d4ff00 d3ff00 d2ff00 d1ff00 d0ff00 cfff00 ceff00
cdff00 ccff00 cbff00 caff00 c9ff00 c8ff00 c7ff00 c6ff00 c5ff00 c4ff00 c3ff00 c2ff00 c1ff00 c0ff00 bfff00 beff00
bdff00 bcff00 bbff00 baff00 b9ff00 b8ff00 b7ff00 b6ff00 b5ff00 b4ff00 b3ff00 b2ff00 b1ff00 b0ff00 afff00 aeff00
adff00 acff00 abff00 aaff00 a9ff00 a8ff00 a7ff00 a6ff00 a5ff00 a4ff00 a3ff00 a2ff00 a1ff00 a0ff00 9fff00 9eff00
9dff00 9cff00 9bff00 9aff00 99ff00 98ff00 97ff00 96ff00 95ff00 94ff00 93ff00 92ff00 91ff00 90ff00 8fff00 8eff00
8dff00 8cff00 8bff00 8aff00 89ff00 88ff00 87ff00 86ff00 85ff00 84ff00 83ff00 82ff00 81ff00 80ff00 7fff00 7eff00
7dff00 7cff00 7bff00 7aff00 79ff00 78ff00 77ff00 76ff00 75ff00 74ff00 73ff00 72ff00 71ff00 70ff00 6fff00 6eff00
6dff00 6cff00 6bff00 6aff00 69ff00 68ff00 67ff00 66ff00 65ff00 64ff00 63ff00 62ff00 61ff00 60ff00 5fff00 5eff00
5dff00 5cff00 5bff00 5aff00 59ff00 58ff00 57ff00 56ff00 55ff00 54ff00 53ff00 52ff00 51ff00 50ff00 4fff00 4eff00
4dff00 4cff00 4bff00 4aff00 49ff00 48ff00 47ff00 46ff00 45ff00 44ff00 43ff00 42ff00 41ff00 40ff00 3fff00 3eff00
3dff00 3cff00 3bff00 3aff00 39ff00 38ff00 37ff00 36ff00 35ff00 34ff00 33ff00 32ff00 31ff00 30ff00 2fff00 2eff00
2dff00 2cff00 2bff00 2aff00 29ff00 28ff00 27ff00 26ff00 25ff00 24ff00 23ff00 22ff00 21ff00 20ff00 1fff00 1eff00
1dff00 1cff00 1bff00 1aff00 19ff00 18ff00 17ff00 16ff00 15ff00 14ff00 13ff00 12ff00 11ff00 10ff00 0fff00 0eff00
0dff00 0cff00 0bff00 0aff00 09ff00 08ff00 07ff00 06ff00 05ff00 04ff00 03ff00 02ff00 01ff00 00ff00 00ff01 00ff02
00ff03 00ff04 00ff05 00ff06 00ff07 00ff08 00ff09 00ff0a 00ff0b 00ff0c 00ff0d 00ff0e 00ff0f 00ff10 00ff11 00ff12
00ff13 00ff14 00ff15 00ff16 00ff17 00ff18 00ff19 00ff1a 00ff1b 00ff1c 00ff1d 00ff1e 00ff1f 00ff20 00ff21 00ff22
00ff23 00ff24 00ff25 00ff26 00ff27 00ff28 00ff29 00ff2a 00ff2b 00ff2c 00ff2d 00ff2e 00ff2f 00ff30 00ff31 00ff32
00ff33 00ff34 00ff35 00ff36 00ff37 00ff38 00ff39 00ff3a 00ff3b 00ff3c 00ff3d 00ff3e 00ff3f 00ff40 00ff41 00ff42
00ff43 00ff44 00ff45 00ff46 00ff47 00ff48 00ff49 00ff4a 00ff4b 00ff4c 00ff4d 00ff4e 00ff4f 00ff50 00ff51 00ff52
00ff53 00ff54 00ff55 00ff56 00ff57 00ff58 00ff59 00ff5a 00ff5b 00ff5c 00ff5d 00ff5e 00ff5f 00ff60 00ff61 00ff62
00ff63 00ff64 00ff65 00ff66 00ff67 00ff68 00ff69 00ff6a 00ff6b 00ff6c 00ff6d 00ff6e 00ff6f 00ff70 00ff71 00ff72
00ff73 00ff74 00ff75 00ff76 00ff77 00ff78 00ff79 00ff7a 00ff7b 00ff7c 00ff7d 00ff7e 00ff7f 00ff80 00ff81 00ff82
00ff83 00ff84 00ff85 00ff86 00ff87 00ff88 00ff89 00ff8a 00ff8b 00ff8c 00ff8d 00ff8e 00ff8f 00ff90 00ff91 00ff92
00ff93 00ff94 00ff95 00ff96 00ff97 00ff98 00ff99 00ff9a 00ff9b 00ff9c 00ff9d 00ff9e 00ff9f 00ffa0 00ffa1 00ffa2
00ffa3 00ffa4 00ffa5 00ffa6 00ffa7 00ffa8 00ffa9 00ffaa 00ffab 00ffac 00ffad 00ffae 00ffaf 00ffb0 00ffb1 00ffb2
00ffb3 00ffb4 00ffb5 00ffb6 00ffb7 00ffb8 00ffb9 00ffba 00ffbb 00ffbc 00ffbd 00ffbe 00ffbf 00ffc0 00ffc1 00ffc2
00ffc3 00ffc4 00ffc5 00ffc6 00ffc7 00ffc8 00ffc9 00ffca 00ffcb 00ffcc 00ffcd 00ffce 00ffcf 00ffd0 00ffd1 00ffd2
00ffd3 00ffd4 00ffd5 00ffd6 00ffd7 00ffd8 00ffd9 00ffda 00ffdb 00ffdc 00ffdd 00ffde 00ffdf 00ffe0 00ffe1 00ffe2
00ffe3 00ffe4 00ffe5 00ffe6 00ffe7 00ffe8 00ffe9 00ffea 00ffeb 00ffec 00ffed 00ffee 00ffef 00fff0 00fff1 00fff2
00fff3 00fff4 00fff5 00fff6 00fff7 00fff8 00fff9 00fffa 00fffb 00fffc 00fffd 00fffe 00ffff 00feff 00fdff 00fcff
00fbff 00faff 00f9ff 00f8ff 00f7ff 00f6ff 00f5ff 00f4ff 00f3ff 00f2ff 00f1ff 00f0ff 00efff 00eeff 00edff 00ecff
00ebff 00eaff 00e9ff 00e8ff 00e7ff 00e6ff 00e5ff 00e4ff 00e3ff 00e2ff 00e1ff 00e0ff 00dfff 00deff 00ddff 00dcff
00dbff 00daff 00d9ff 00d8ff 00d7ff 00d6ff 00d5ff 00d4ff 00d3ff 00d2ff 00d1ff 00d0ff 00cfff 00ceff 00cdff 00ccff
00cbff 00caff 00c9ff 00c8ff 00c7ff 00c6ff 00c5ff 00c4ff 00c3ff 00c2ff 00c1ff 00c0ff 00bfff 00beff 00bdff 00bcff
00bbff 00baff 00b9ff 00b8ff 00b7ff 00b6ff 00b5ff 00b4ff 00b3ff 00b2ff 00b1ff 00b0ff 00afff 00aeff 00adff 00acff
00abff 00aaff 00a9ff 00a8ff 00a7ff 00a6ff 00a5ff 00a4ff 00a3ff 00a2ff 00a1ff 00a0ff 009fff 009eff 009dff 009cff
009bff 009aff 0099ff 0098ff 0097ff 0096ff 0095ff 0094ff 0093ff 0092ff 0091ff 0090ff 008fff 008eff 008dff 008cff
008bff 008aff 0089ff 0088ff 0087ff 0086ff 0085ff 0084ff 0083ff 0082ff 0081ff 0080ff 007fff 007eff 007dff 007cff
007bff 007aff 0079ff 0078ff 0077ff 0076ff 0075ff 0074ff 0073ff 0072ff 0071ff 0070ff 006fff 006eff 006dff 006cff
006bff 006aff 0069ff 0068ff 0067ff 0066ff 0065ff 0064ff 0063ff 0062ff 0061ff 0060ff 005fff 005eff 005dff 005cff
005bff 005aff 0059ff 0058ff 0057ff 0056ff 0055ff 0054ff 0053ff 0052ff 0051ff 0050ff 004fff 004eff 004dff 004cff
004bff 004aff 0049ff 0048ff 0047ff 0046ff 0045ff 0044ff 0043ff 0042ff 0041ff 0040ff 003fff 003eff 003dff 003cff
003bff 003aff 0039ff 0038ff 0037ff 0036ff 0035ff 0034ff 0033ff 0032ff 0031ff 0030ff 002fff 002eff 002dff 002cff
002bff 002aff 0029ff 0028ff 0027ff 0026ff 0025ff 0024ff 0023ff 0022ff 0021ff 0020ff 001fff 001eff 001dff 001cff
001bff 001aff 0019ff 0018ff 0017ff 0016ff 0015ff 0014ff 0013ff 0012ff 0011ff 0010ff 000fff 000eff 000dff 000cff
000bff 000aff 0009ff 0008ff 0007ff 0006ff 0005ff 0004ff 0003ff 0002ff 0001ff 0000ff 0000ff 0100ff 0200ff 0300ff
0400ff 0500ff 0600ff 0700ff 0800ff 0900ff 0a00ff 0b00ff 0c00ff 0d00ff 0e00ff 0f00ff 1000ff 1100ff 1200ff 1300ff
1400ff 1500ff 1600ff 1700ff 1800ff 1900ff 1a00ff 1b00ff 1c00ff 1d00ff 1e00ff 1f00ff 2000ff 2100ff 2200ff 2300ff
2400ff 2500ff 2600ff 2700ff 2800ff 2900ff 2a00ff 2b00ff 2c00ff 2d00ff 2e00ff 2f00ff 3000ff 3100ff 3200ff 3300ff
3400ff 3500ff 3600ff 3700ff 3800ff 3900ff 3a00ff 3b00ff 3c00ff 3d00ff 3e00ff 3f00ff 4000ff 4100ff 4200ff 4300ff
4400ff 4500ff 4600ff 4700ff 4800ff 4900ff 4a00ff 4b00ff 4c00ff 4d00ff 4e00ff 4f00ff 5000ff 5100ff 5200ff 5300ff
5400ff 5500ff 5600ff 5700ff 5800ff 5900ff 5a00ff 5b00ff 5c00ff 5d00ff 5e00ff 5f00ff 6000ff 6100ff 6200ff 6300ff
6400ff 6500ff 6600ff 6700ff 6800ff 6900ff 6a00ff 6b00ff 6c00ff 6d00ff 6e00ff 6f00ff 7000ff 7100ff 7200ff 7300ff
7400ff 7500ff 7600ff 7700ff 7800ff 7900ff 7a00ff 7b00ff 7c00ff 7d00ff 7e00ff 7f00ff 8000ff 8100ff 8200ff 8300ff
8400ff 8500ff 8600ff 8700ff 8800ff 8900ff 8a00ff 8b00ff 8c00ff 8d00ff 8e00ff 8f00ff 9000ff 9100ff 9200ff 9300ff
9400ff 9500ff 9600ff 9700ff 9800ff 9900ff 9a00ff 9b00ff 9c00ff 9d00ff 9e00ff 9f00ff a000ff a100ff a200ff a300ff
a400ff a500ff a600ff a700ff a800ff a900ff aa00ff ab00ff ac00ff ad00ff ae00ff af00ff b000ff b100ff b200ff b300ff
b400ff b500ff b600ff b700ff b800ff b900ff ba00ff bb00ff bc00ff bd00ff be00ff bf00ff c000ff c100ff c200ff c300ff
c400ff c500ff c600ff c700ff c800ff c900ff ca00ff cb00ff cc00ff cd00ff ce00ff cf00ff d000ff d100ff d200ff d300ff
d400ff d500ff d600ff d700ff d800ff d900ff da00ff db00ff dc00ff dd00ff de00ff df00ff e000ff e100ff e200ff e300ff
e400ff e500ff e600ff e700ff e800ff e900ff ea00ff eb00ff ec00ff ed00ff ee00ff ef00ff f000ff f100ff f200ff f300ff
f400ff f500ff f600ff f700ff f800ff f900ff fa00ff fb00ff fc00ff fd00ff fe00ff ff00ff
ffffff fefefe fdfdfd fcfcfc fbfbfb fafafa f9f9f9 f8f8f8 f7f7f7 f6f6f6 f5f5f5 f4f4f4 f3f3f3 f2f2f2 f1f1f1 f0f0f0
efefef eeeeee ededed ececec ebebeb eaeaea e9e9e9 e8e8e8 e7e7e7 e6e6e6 e5e5e5 e4e4e4 e3e3e3 e2e2e2 e1e1e1 e0e0e0
dfdfdf dedede dddddd dcdcdc dbdbdb dadada d9d9d9 d8d8d8 d7d7d7 d6d6d6 d5d5d5 d4d4d4 d3d3d3 d2d2d2 d1d1d1 d0d0d0
cfcfcf cecece cdcdcd cccccc cbcbcb cacaca c9c9c9 c8c8c8 c7c7c7 c6c6c6 c5c5c5 c4c4c4 c3c3c3 c2c2c2 c1c1c1 c0c0c0
bfbfbf bebebe bdbdbd bcbcbc bbbbbb bababa b9b9b9 b8b8b8 b7b7b7 b6b6b6 b5b5b5 b4b4b4 b3b3b3 b2b2b2 b1b1b1 b0b0b0
afafaf aeaeae adadad acacac ababab aaaaaa a9a9a9 a8a8a8 a7a7a7 a6a6a6 a5a5a5 a4a4a4 a3a3a3 a2a2a2 a1a1a1 a0a0a0
9f9f9f 9e9e9e 9d9d9d 9c9c9c 9b9b9b 9a9a9a 999999 989898 979797 969696 959595 949494 939393 929292 919191 909090
8f8f8f 8e8e8e 8d8d8d 8c8c8c 8b8b8b 8a8a8a 898989 888888 878787 868686 858585 848484 838383 828282 818181 808080
7f7f7f 7e7e7e 7d7d7d 7c7c7c 7b7b7b 7a7a7a 797979 787878 777777 767676 757575 747474 737373 727272 717171 707070
6f6f6f 6e6e6e 6d6d6d 6c6c6c 6b6b6b 6a6a6a 696969 686868 676767 666666 656565 646464 636363 626262 616161 606060
5f5f5f 5e5e5e 5d5d5d 5c5c5c 5b5b5b 5a5a5a 595959 585858 575757 565656 555555 545454 535353 525252 515151 505050
4f4f4f 4e4e4e 4d4d4d 4c4c4c 4b4b4b 4a4a4a 494949 484848 474747 464646 454545 444444 434343 424242 414141 404040
3f3f3f 3e3e3e 3d3d3d 3c3c3c 3b3b3b 3a3a3a 393939 383838 373737 363636 353535 343434 333333 323232 313131 303030
2f2f2f 2e2e2e 2d2d2d 2c2c2c 2b2b2b 2a2a2a 292929 282828 272727 262626 252525 242424 232323 222222 212121 202020
1f1f1f 1e1e1e 1d1d1d 1c1c1c 1b1b1b 1a1a1a 191919 181818 171717 161616 151515 141414 131313 121212 111111 101010
0f0f0f 0e0e0e 0d0d0d 0c0c0c 0b0b0b 0a0a0a 090909 080808 070707 060606 050505 040404 030303 020202 010101 000000

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Changing background and border colors will add a special identity to your site.

Under the Template tab, you see “Fonts and Colors”. Clicking that, you will be able to change the colors, font types, and font size. However the available colors on the screen are limited. If you cannot find the color you want, you may want to copy the appropriate hex codes of the colors below, and paste them into the “color hex code” box and press Enter. Try out different combinations, and change them as and when you like.

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