How to Find the Appropriate Blog for Your Guest Post

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Posting guest articles on other Blogs is a great way to promote your own website. Choosing where to post, however, is the deciding factor of the success of Guest Blogging.

Here are few things you should consider when choosing where to Blog.

Finding Blogs To Guest Post

Site Content

It is advisable to choose Blogs related to your website. This is not necessary, but it will make sure that the people who are reading your articles are looking for exactly what you are providing. This will make sure you get regular traffic from that website.

Posting on irrelevant sites is not as effective. Posting, for instance, on a gaming site and including a link to your literature website in the post may cause few people to click on your link. Most people, however, would not be interested since they would be reading that article because they want information on gaming, not literature.


Naturally, the more traffic a Blog has, the more people are likely to visit your site. More people will be hitting your links and sharing it on social networks if they like it.

You can check the traffic of websites using several tools. One such is Alexa, which offers free web metrics. It allows you to see how many people visit a site and how many other sites link to this one.

You can also use the Double Click Ad Planner by Google. It is basically designed for people who want to judge which site is better to advertise on. It provides web metrics, including impressions and clicks.

By using these tools, therefore, you can judge which site has more traffic and a more user tendency to hit links. You can then guest post on a site that is most likely to generate traffic for your own site.

Page Rank

It’s a metric by Google which ranks websites on a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the highest which is only attained by the most popular websites.

Page rank is not given according to the traffic on a website. In fact, a site with great traffic may be ranked low if it is not properly Search Engine Optimized. This judges the popularity of a website on the basis of quality of links pointing to it. The “Page” in Page Rank, actually stands for the name of the creator of the ranking system. His last name was “Page”.

You must go with a site that has a good page rank. This is because this page is likely to appear among the top results on Google.

This means that more people will be visiting it and, thus, there will be a higher probability of your Blog post being read and your link being clicked on. Several tools can be used to determine page rank. However, this must not be the only or the main tool when deciding which website to post on. It should, rather, be a complementary factor to finalize your decision.


Once you attain some guest posting opportunities, you should focus on adding diversity to your link portfolio. This is important for several reasons.

For one, posting links on pages with high traffic will naturally generate more traffic for you. You must, however, make sure that you are posting on different Blogs that have different topics.

If, for instance, you are posting for your financial website on every other financial Blogs, the traffic would be limited to a certain circle. The overlap may limit your readership substantially.

You must, therefore, cover different industries that are closely related. For a financial website, such as, you can post on Blogs that cover separate branches like banking, home loans, mortgage frauds, etc.

You may even go for some different niche like Business Management. This diversification will ensure that people from different circles are reading your post and visiting your site. Posting on similar Blogs all the time, on the other hands, will limit your audience.


Nevertheless, guest Blogging is, perhaps, the best way to get exposure for your website or Blog. You can aim at the traffic coming to a Blog and make this divert to your site simply by coming up with a good piece of writing that cleverly incorporates your links into it. It is, therefore, a great way to market your Blog.

You must, however, choose the right platform to make the maximum out of guest blogging. You should also ensure that the blog posts are of a high quality, thus ensuring that these will capture your readers’ attention perfectly.

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