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Infolinks is one of the most established and oldest in-text monetization companies. Infolinks used to be the only in-text monetization company that really mattered.

Companies with fresh ideas have painted a target on Infolinks’ back, seeking to take down the giant much like how Android and iOS tablets have cracked Microsoft.

However, instead of introducing a new technological platform like Google and Apple did with tablets and smartphones, Infolinks competitors aren’t even using substantially newer technology.

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I run many different websites, and I depend on a lot of them for my online income. Most of the websites I have; I place advertisements or I use advertising networks to maximize profitability.

GeoSurf represented a unique opportunity for me. You see, one of the problems I had was, not knowing where the bulk of my revenue was coming from.

I figured if I can find out where the bulk of my revenue came from I could maximize my affiliate sites much better. I did not have a tool to help me do this until I came across GeoSurf.

No longer do I have to be limited to only viewing my website locally, because now I am able to see how it looks from various cities and countries around the world.

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Social advertising has become a crucial need for people and companies. No matter whether you are a blogger, marketer, a big company or small business owner or entrepreneur, you once in a while need to go out and shout about your business.

Many people do this using a blog, or social profiles like Facebook pages, twitter accounts, YouTube videos, or even a professional profile on LinkedIn. This can become troublesome when you do not know anymore which one to focus on among those popular social networking websites. I recently stumbled upon a useful service which lets you promote all your social profiles and blogs in one place; be it a video, a Facebook page or a twitter account for free.

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One of the BIGGEST mistake I’ve made in my online business is not building the list from day 1. I started out building a subscribers list hardly a year back which I think did caused a substantial amount of loss of subscribers to me. If I would have started building list from Day 1, I suppose my subscribers list could have been near 5 figures which now, is just sitting in the early 4 figures. :/

I regret about this but from past few months, I am seriously spending time to increase my subscribers list and at the same time build a quality list which will give me a better open rate. For this I’m spending great amount of money in plugins, apps, traffic etc.

But recently I got something for FREE. A thing that magically tries to explode those subscription numbers. That thing is a premium wordpress plugin named : WPSubscribers.

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Many people who wish to make money online but don’t have got smart approach towards running an internet business often ask about the simplest way with which THEY can make money online. I have received dozens of emails till now with people usually asking me the same old question – “how should I make money online? I don’t know…blah blah”

Such people usually don’t have much knowledge on how to do article marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and all such sorts of things with which pro’s make thousands of dollars online every month but listening to which these newbies just start banging their head on the desk (ohkay that’s too much).

Now here is where Flixya Steps In For Rescue… “say HURRAY!”

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