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Here is another easy way to swap blog title and post title on new blogger. You can also add your Meta Tags on blogger here. As you may already know that swapping blog title and post title is a really important steps to do if we want to have a better SEO implementation on our blog, that lead me to find another better way to do this.

As many of you probably notice, now Blogger has updated changed their system worst so we can’t put any widgets inside the section anymore.

Swap your blogger title in just 1 minute.

1. Go to your Blogger template editor.

2. Find this line of code


2. Replace that line with these codes below

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'><title><data:blog.pageName/> - <data:blog.title/></title><b:else/><title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title></b:if>

3. Save your template, and done.

Hope it works for all of you guys. thanks

*thanks to Archit for letting us know this issue first.

A few weeks back i had registered with SocialSpark, created by izea network with the objective to be a social networking site between bloggers and advertisers. Registration was easy, and to get our blogs accepted into their network is also very easy. I read through their FAQ to learn more and to know what differentiate them from other similar sites.

SocialSpark of ethics is simple there’s 100% audit-able in-post disclosure, transparency and real opinions. So every post will have a disclosure badge, and every opportunities taken by us can be viewed at our profile page. We can also freely give our opinion on the matter posted, as our real opinion is what matter actually. This is a community between blogger and advertisers another where everyone in the network can view others profiles and their work, this should add some credibility in the long run for the blogger and benefits them tremendously.

Very good thing in my opinion is all the opportunities taken includes a nofollow tag which is Google-friendly. As other paid reviews networks before this had a dofollow tag in every and each post as a requirement, google has taken some measures to weight down the importance of some blogs page rank, some even had their rankings dropped down by 3 rank. Socialspark has taken care of that by doing a nofollow tag to all paid posts as a requirement so it wont affect bloggers and even advertisers.

There are 2 type of opportunities, one is the sponsored post and another is the blog sponsorship. A sponsored post is just like the usual paid review type of post where we create our unique post based on the requirements. Blog sponsorship is where our blog is sponsored by the advertiser calculated by amount offered multiplied with the amount of days it ran. Normally for blog sponsorship, there will be banners, images or text advertisements.

Sometimes when the opportunity that we are interested in is fully reserved or closed, SocialSpark allows us to message advertisers and maybe negotiate some deal through it. SocialSpark had made it easier for us bloggers to find opportunities and advertisers and i’m looking forward to deal more with them later. You can check them out through the link provided and see the opportunities available. Signing up is free and easy.

I Typhoon would Like to announce that we have set a new record of “most users online at a time”..

I thank all the the readers for making this record..

I will be sharing good stuffs on my blog as much as possible…people interested in free advertising can contact me on yahoo messenger. My Id is : spankysush

Thank You!

A nice watch style blogger xml template for whome time matters. This cool blogger template is the best choice for people who like to plan everything and do it on time.

Download! | Demo!

Template name: Watch

Size: 25 kb

Type: New Blogger Template (XML)

4 Column, Fixed Width, Editable

Best quality (IE & Firefox) all Size and Resolutions

Do Read Our topic “Get-your-individual-post-date-stamp” to make the timestamp work properly!

There are is huge Chance that when you first install a template your timestamp format won’t be set properly and you’ll see an “undefined” message instead of the post date.

You’ll need to make one small change in your “Settings” => “Formatting” => “Timestamp Format” section before it will work. Change whatever you currently have to this format: “Sunday, April 13, 2008″ and then save. Make sure you change the “Timestamp Format” which is the 4th one down. Your template should now work properly.