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The Vistered theme was originally designed for WordPress by Windy Road, it was ported to blogger by IT Mag, who also made a massive multi style modification that was rarely seen for blogger.


  • Xml Beta Blogger Template.
  • 2 Column Blogger Template.
  • It has Black Dominant Colour.
  • You can Change its Background styles.
  • It has a transparent rounded frame.
  • Easy Costumizable.

Well firstly lets start of with the unique feature of this template, just under the site title on the top left you can see a few small squares. What these squares actually do is enable the user to change the main background of the page. If that isn’t super cool I do not know what else could be.

This feature makes this template super for a photo blogger. Now lets get back to describing the template, the header contains a very faint search bar on the right hand side. Apart from the above features the template is a stylish two column template for blogger.

The post and sidebar background is Black with some Transparent borders, which makes a good combination with the changing images. I think this will be the template I use for the photo blog, only wish the size was broader.

You Can Put your own wallpapers.How?
First take a good Wallpaper of any size,upload it to any free image host.
Now open the downloaded template in wordpad and see for the thing highlighted in the image below:

Change the image link with the image link which you uploaded.



First it has nothing to do with spending money on Kontera’s advertising network. Next, not only this works for free but also makes money for you on the way. The only thing you may not like is quality of backlinks. Anyway, as whole thing is fully automatic you better know it or use it.

How it works:

1. Many bloggers who write original content often feel hurt when they see people copying your content as it is without any credit to you. This is called plagarism and the person who is copying your article is called plagiarist.

2. There are two types of plagiarist in our context, one who copies from RSS feed and other one who copies from your pages.

3. Now those who copies from your pages are technically newbie in blogosphere and uses and its WYISWYG editor to copy-paste your post content.

4. Now if you are running Kontera, they also copies your double-underlined kontera keyword as it is. At this point, if you ever dig these kontera links in detail, you will find they have href attribute value equal to “#” (hash).

5. This hash (#) is used so that clicking on link should not work on your page as kontera shows small pop-up inline ads first. In simple word this # means “point to this page” only.

6. Now when someone copies your page with such Kontera links # is changed to absolute URL, i.e. page from which content is being copied.

7. FInal effect is – All such kontera links when get publish on plagiarist blogs point to your blog post!

8. This way you get extra backlinks without doing anything. Also you can find easily who is copying from you.

What about quality of backlinks…

In terms of SEO, these links are of bad quality since pages they are pointing to and from pages they are originating contains same content. Google and almost every search engine hates duplicate contents. Still some services just measure number of backlinks to your blog. They may count links like these.

So this is how Kontera gives me more backlinks and decent revenue of course on the way!

Every blogger want to increase traffic to his/her blog because without traffic, their blog means nothing.In every post they wants to use the tricks which can drive more traffic to their blog. So, i am also showing this type of trick which can drive up to 60% of your total traffic to your blog. His trick will boost your site meter.As half of your traffic comes from Google & in Google, people doesn’t search only the web articles

They also search for the images.I am sure your blog or site will have images in their posts or content but you dont know how to make these images as a source of traffic.Now i will show you how to drive more traffic to your blog through these images or pictures.

About my 50% of total traffic to my blog is coming through these images.It is very easy to use this trick if you follow the below tips from my experiences.You can view these tips below.

3 Steps to Increase your Blog Traffic with images:

1. Use Keywords in the name of images.

2. Upload images to your own site.This will also increase your page rank if someone copy images from your site.

3. Use compressed images means upload low sized images.

If you wanna copy images from another site, first look to the name of image.If it is like these:

‘image001’ or ‘photo1’, etc.You have to download these images and use keywords when you name it.If you follow these steps, i am sure your blog or site traffic will be doubled as mine:)

If you have any art,design or any personal weblog, this theme well suits for your site..

As you can see, the theme was very good looking with a Gorgeous 3D header image and lovely navigation links at the top and a nice sidebar.
This template was originally a WordPress theme by

NOTE:Due To Lack Of Bandwidth the images might not load properly on your blog plus the demo blog so plz. upload the images yourself for this read the following article ‘Manage Blogger Image Storage Space’

Installation Help:

1.First Install the template by following the instructions here.

2.Once you installed the template,you have the edit the top links

Go to ‘Edit html’ and scroll down the template code and find this piece of html code (hit Control+F to search)

Now, change the text(Home,About,etc) and add the respective links by Replacing the YOUR-LINK-HERE

3.And the final step is adding your Feedburner url

Find this code:

and Write your Feedburner url in the place of YOUR-FEEDBURNER-URL
and Save the changes!!

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