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This is a guest post by Sahil Bajaj from

Recently Google Panda update has affected the website ranking system. With this new implemented algorithm many of the websites has achieved success but most of the popular blogs or websites has it all wrong and has loosing experience for this new algorithm.

So every blogger right now is seeking for the right way to overcome the Google Panda Effect.

So why not start with a basic SEO practice, its right time to regain some valid SEO points in to your mind. Basic is what we all are missing right now, according to SEO experts this new algorithm could demand some basic thing to keep up. So, it’s time to start from basic of SEO to remove Google Panda effect.

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HostGator Coupon Code July 2011 : If you are looking to start your internet business and tired of finding out that ONE good web hosting then let me help you today. There is no better place to host your website than HostGator. It’s also one of the best wordpress hosting company.

HostGator offers a range of web hosting plans full with features for various types of business requirements. I am using HostGator from the very start (almost 2 yrs. now) and having their shared hosting as well as a VPS hosting.

I JUST LOVE their support team. They care so much about you that it feels like a family. This month, around 20th june, my blog was continuously attacked by one or two hacker. HostGator helped me to remove the malicious file which made them control my website.

Later on I found that this could be because I have turned on “media uploader” for contributor level users (guest authors) which is not turned on by default in wordpress. SO I switched it OFF again after those files were removed.

You can read more about hostgator in my hostgator review.

If you are looking to try HostGator for hosting your websites then you should not do it without using a hostgator coupon code. Using a hostgator discount coupon code you can get a great amount of relief on your first billing.

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This is a guest post by Janne from

Blogging on your own blog is one thing.  Writing a guest blog for someone else is another thing altogether.

There’s a very intriguing give-and-take phenomenon that happens with almost all relationships formed from guest blogging.

Your host has to be willing to back your thoughts by simply being willing to allow them to appear on his blog, which, in itself, brings up some vulnerability. He also has to be willing to proofread and edit to insure that his standards are met.  There’s always time spent on his part.

And then, there are you, the guest.

You have to be willing to send off your precious words and thoughts to another who has freewill to edit and do as he will with whatever you give him.  That takes major vulnerability and trust.

Really, when you consider the odds that two people would see eye to eye on something so personal as writing, it’s amazing guest posting happens at all, let alone as often as it does.

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This is a guest post by Brandon Connell from

If you are reading this post, it means that you are seriously curious about what I have to say, and want to find a few magic bullets to make money blogging. It’s good you are here then, because I am going to give you some gems to make your blog a huge success.

The secret to blogging success is building up your RSS subscribers list. That should be your ultimate goal, but not the immediate need that will make you money right now. It is however, what I am going to focus on in this article. Long-term cashflow should be your end-goal if you are blogging for income.

Before I release my secrets to you, let me volunteer that I am sitting here writing this while friends and family are out swimming in 100 degree weather. Not that I’m hurting in ice-cold air conditioning or anything… But the fact is that blogging takes work.

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As you know, Facebook is one of the biggest sources of traffic for bloggers and internet marketers these days, of course not forgetting the Giant Google…

One of the blog which I manage right now receives 100000+ (1,2,3,4,5 – count the zeros!) impressions every single month. And guess what? Of all this traffic, 55% traffic comes from Facebook and some 20-30% comes from other social networking sites.

We are able to bring such HUGE amount of traffic to that blog simply because of the VIRAL nature of Facebook (and a little bit of other social sites). We haven’t done anything extraordinary. All we have done is, added a ‘viral solution’ on the blog.

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