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This is a guest post by Sté Kerwer from

Affiliate marketing means you use a special link to send visitors from your blog or website to a merchant’s website. If the visitor makes a purchase on that site, you earn a commission.

For example, you might use an affiliate link on your blog and send your reader to a coffee maker at Amazon. If that reader then buys that coffee maker, you earn a percentage of the sale.

There are millions of different affiliate programs you can use to make money online which will completely eliminate the need of getting online loans or payday loans. Almost every online retailer has an affiliate link you can use to send traffic their way and earn a commission on sales you help generate.

But when you take a look at all of those programs they fall into two major business models – they either pay you earnings on the number of clicks you generate or the number of actions you generate.

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This is a guest post by Jane Sheeba who also writes about autotrader and discount coupon codes and hence wishes to share the following couple of discount deals with you: auto trader promo code, coupon code.

Blogging is a platform allowing you to express your opinions and ideas to the world through the web and has become hugely popular today.

As a blogger, you would certainly feel the need to be known to most in the social media to get traffic and visibility. But this is not the case with all the bloggers.

There are bloggers who choose to author their blogs under their pen names or even prefer anonymity, hiding their true identity.

Blogging so, would be known as ‘Anonymous Blogging’ in contrast to the traditional, conventional blogging.

For our multi-author blog that features autotrader and discount coupons, we had many authors offering to write columns anonymously.

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This is a guest post by Daniel Erhabor from

Most internet marketers, old and new, are reluctant to use email marketing to its fullest because they are afraid of spamming. They are afraid of being labeled “spammers”. The truth is that there is a thin line between ethical email marketing and spamming.

In this article you will learn how to be the “Good Guy” in email marketing.

Before you learn how to be the good guy, you need to know what makes an email a spam message. When you know this, we can then highlight ways to avoid it and your messages will never be labeled as spam.

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On 7th of October, all the guest posts that were submitted before 25th September for inclusion in SmartBloggerz’s Guest Blogging Gone CRAZY Contest were completely rolled out and published.

NOW is the time when you should start promoting your guest post to earn as many points you can and to win one of our cash prizes.

Promote your post till 17th  20th of October 2011 and whatever you earn till that date will be counted in the final tally. The final results will be revealed around 28th of October.

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This is a guest post by Jesus Ramirez from

Sometimes as we design our sign-up forms we forget about the most important piece of the whole sequence… the prospect.

We forget that they are people too, with fears, and pre-conceived notions and we often overlook the steps we can take to ovoid their un-easiness.

By simply looking at your sign-up form we can make 3 quick and easy changes to increase your conversion rates, they are:

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