Blogger Hacks

This is a guest post by Ann Smarty who is a SEO consultant.

For most people blog traffic and search analytics is done with help of Google Analytics which is quite understandable because it is free and really advanced.

You can get really in-depth traffic analysis with the tool or, if you don’t want to go onto any geeky details, you can just see your traffic sources and keyword referrals.

This post will show you three simple Google Analytics hacks you will love! To try two of the following tips, make sure you have Greasemonkey installed.

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One of the reader recently commented on my blog to know how I show some widgets on the blog main page and it hides away on the content or item pages. The answer of this I will say that I use Conditional Tags in my Blogger Template which gives “condition” to any widget that where to appear and where not to. I am using these conditional tags at many places in my blog.

So through this post I will teach you that how you can easily make use of these Conditional Tags in your template and easily play with the positions of your widgets 🙂

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If you are a blogger user then you might know that old ugly looking link for Newer-Older Posts and Homepage. So I decided to change this thing in my blog and now will tell you how to do it in your blog easily. This will help you in easy blog navigation for your blog readers also it will look more attractive than previous thus it will help in increase in page views.

How to do this?

First of all backup your template for any unnecessary problems and for each trick we will go to LAYOUT ► EDIT HTML ► and then click on Expand widget templates.

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For some odd reason, when I tried to add the Adsense for search box html/javascript code directly into my blogger template xml it would not appear. So I found a really simple hack . I’ve just added a few more screenshots for the xml illiterates (like myself) to make things a lot easier. Here’s the easy way to add adsense for search into your own blogger/blogspot blogs right above the first post, just like I have there!

1. Click on the “Layout” tab in your blogger control panel.

2. Click the “Edit HTML” link.

3. Scroll down until you see showaddelement=’no’

4. Change “no” to yes.

If you click on the “Page Element” link (still inside your “Layout” tab) you will notice “Add a new page element” above your “Blog Post” box has now appeared. Now you can add any page element you want. To add a search box simply choose the html/javascript element and add your code and save. That’s it! Simple huh? Adding an Adsense for search box allows your user to easily search your website while giving you another opportunity to make some more money online!

This is a very useful hack. Can you see my Table of Content? look at my sidebar, click show the table of content — so….what do you think? do you like it?.It helps to hide your big table of contents into a small javascript link which saves lots time n making blog load faster.If you want to put a TOC in your blog so that you readers can easily find the content that they want you can follow the simple steps

I decided to just link you to the original post instead of posting them here because the instruction is very clear and easy to follow but if you have trouble i can still help you. You can change the background color to match your site and the border if you wanted too. Just look at the TOC CSS and look at the background and border and change them to your liking.

BlogTOC Widget Released, If you have more than 100 post read this beyond the 100 post limits.