Why Most Bloggers Don’t Make That Much Money

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This is a guest post by Melvin Dichoso from MelvinBlog.com

This is my 5th year now in blogging and my 3rd since starting my flagship blog MelvinBlog.com.

I am very happy to say that I’m making money from blogging but even up until now I still view it as a dream-come true kind of thing.

It was just a realization a long time ago and I never really thought it’d be possible. Heck, I wasn’t even sure back then if its true or just some form of a gossip. 😉

Anyway, if you’re not making any money yet then this post is for you. If you are making money, yet this post still caters to you. Below I will be talking about the reasons why you’re not making that much money yet as a blogger although I’m not limiting it to just blogging itself.

Of course, I’d be damn confident to make controversial statements below that might piss you off but hey it’s me who’s posting this article. 😉

Here we go:

empty pockets

Reason 1: You don’t really view making money as a goal.

We all know that goal setting is important but most bloggers who make some money here and there just don’t see making tons of money as a goal. As a result of that, they’re very happy and contented on what they are making. This is actually not bad if that’s your GENUINE intention but for some people who are dreaming about making lots of money online and yet don’t do much action, then maybe its time to re-assess if you’re acting like its really your goal.

Reason 2: You don’t have a product or ANYTHING to begin with.

Now notice how I put anything in all caps? 😉 This is actually for people who don’t have anything to make money for in the first place. Having a product is not just a requirement, its actually the standard in making money and by this I’m not just referring an eBook or informational materials.

It’s damn important to look at a THING to sell even when just starting. Again, you can sell services, you can sell your expertise, designs, themes, softwares, even affiliate products and a whole lot more. I’m pretty sure there’s at least one there that you’re good at. 😉

Reason 3. You’re not aggressive enough.

Look at the top gurus in this niche, that’s one quality that they all have in common. You can’t just be the shy type of person when it comes on doing online marketing; you have to demand for what you want.

Now this is not to confuse with just delivering junk and asking for so much but if you know you’re providing good value and you’ve built that relationship, you have every right to demand money. That is being aggressive.

And hey this just doesn’t apply to selling your product. It can also apply to other things like selling advertising space, marketing to other people and doing traffic building.

Reason 4. You’re limiting yourself to blogging

I made good money with blogging but not a lot of people are aware that I leveraged my expertise to make money from other things. I do consulting regarding various online marketing campaigns and I’m paid handsomely on an hourly basis. I also do freelance kind of work which is just that I just let my team do for me. Aside from that, I do affiliate marketing via payperclick depending on my mood.

Do take note that those things were started because I got into blogging. It’s like blogging is always a good starting point because there’s so much to learn while at the same time, you’re building your own foundation.  So my tip is once you started feeling that momentum and need to branch out to other things, don’t think about it, just do it!


So there ya go! I hope you understood those four points that I mentioned that could hopefully help you towards making more money. I know some of the people reading here haven’t made any money yet but just persevere. You’ll never really know when it would start pouring down for you. I myself made like $2 for the first 6 months but that didn’t stop me.

Perhaps this is where passion comes in. If you really like what you’re doing then you could survive the initial drought of startup stages. I would be very happy to hear your opinion and criticisms regarding this. Let me know.

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Tricia Meyer October 20, 2011 at 6:21 pm

I don’t click on many random articles I see come across Twitter but was drawn to this one because I couldn’t agree more. I love your first point. You can’t just throw up a couple of banners and expect that people will click on them and money will come rolling in. If you want to make money off of your blog, you need to put in a little bit of time to come up with a solid plan for monetizing your site. Only then will you move from that $2 a month to whatever amount it is that makes you happy.

Melvin October 29, 2011 at 10:22 am

Thanks Tricia! 🙂

The banner mindset is unfortunately very present in the mind of most bloggers so I think a change of mindset regarding monetization can help a lot.

Noel Addison October 26, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Great Post! I’d like to add in your list PASSION. It is very important that you have the passion for blogging. It motivates bloggers to write more quality and interesting posts that attracts more readers.

Olive Wade December 11, 2011 at 9:50 pm

Just my opinion. My question then is, where’s the fine line in determining being profitable and being passionate on the subject at the same time. And this is the reason why they get loyal followers. The banner mindset is unfortunately very present in the mind of most bloggers so I think a change of mindset regarding monetization can help a lot.

William February 1, 2012 at 10:27 am

I also think that one reason why bloggers don’t make that much money is because of insufficient site traffic. Link building and Social Media Marketing should be handled by experts in order not to waste time and money.

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