How To Do Your Social Media Promotion Like a Pro!

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These days, it’s nearly impossible to reach a wide follower base without using social media as a promotional tool.

With over one billion people worldwide using some form of social media outlet, it is clear that these forums are the wave of the future for marketing and advertising.

I am 100% sure that Sushant has used some form of social promotion for his site, It has grown so much thanks to the inputted methods he has used from social media and other forms of promotion. Social promotion has come for a while and is here to stay.

Do yourself a favor, and look at social promotion at a different angle. Call it the:

Social Media Promotion

Social Promotion For Real!

What follows are some tips for how to maximize the use of social media sites, whether they are intended to promote a business, a special event, or a personal blog. These tips can also help you generate traffic to your site, and not get that “hang-over” feeling from them.

You can have an advantage over those that think they are good at social media promotion. Shhh! Having the right “social” plugin from a list of top wordpress plugins can make you that much better in the race!

Sponsored Posts on Facebook

There are currently over 800 million Facebook users across the globe, so anyone who wants to reach a wide audience should be sure to establish a presence on this site. My site, Internet Dreams, has gotten the most response from this social site.

Sponsored Stories On Facebook

When you know how to leverage Facebook, you can just literally survive from only Facebook targeted traffic!

Setting up a Facebook page, posting regularly, and keeping information up to date is the first step.

To use a Facebook network to its full potential, however, marketers and bloggers should take advantage of the site’s “sponsored post” options. Once a page reaches 400 “likes,” the page’s administrators can pay for a sponsored ad, which will then show up on the advertisement banner on more users’ home pages.

Mobile Check-In Deals

Mobile Check-Ins DealSocial media networks like Foursquare are also becoming increasingly popular as promotional tools. These sites not only allow users to “check in” to certain places just as they would on Facebook, but they also offer a variety of deals and discounts. For example, a bar or restaurant might offer a free drink or a discounted entrée to customers who check-in on Foursquare.

This is mutually beneficial, since it offers customers a great deal and also increases the visibility of the business and the chances that customers will return and recommend the place to their friends.

Of course that is just an example from the business world. We all can learn from here since your site functions exclusively like a business, an online business.

Let’s take that for an example. Traffic could come in and just leave. But is that quality traffic? No. Engage with them and make them want to stay. Not all will stay, but those interested will be more than likely to agree.

Target a Specific Audience

The sites that use social media most effectively for marketing purposes are those that truly know their audiences. A site  can use Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram—or all of the above—to promote themselves, but will not see a return on their investment in these sites unless they appropriate the right tone and message for their follower base.

Thus, before choosing a social media site for a blog or event, it is important to decide who, exactly, you want to reach and then design posts and deals according to research on that demographic.

A Steady Stream of Incentives

These days, people are bombarded with information and advertisements from a variety of different social media sites. Thus, in order to stand out, it is necessary to offer individuals a particular incentive or reason for taking an interest in your blog or event. Offer a special deal to those who “like” a Facebook page, or promise some special inside information to those who follow you or your site on Twitter.

Facebook Like Incentive Social Media

This method can further boost your confidence on what you are offering, and finally getting your base of followers to grow.  This method can also be one of those huge advantages of social media promotion.

Social media is fast becoming one of the foremost promotional devices in the online world, and marketing departments should take their investment in this tool seriously.

Hiring a marketing employee or a small marketing team whose central task is to oversee the development and maintenance of a social media site can help ensure that it stays updated and maintains its effectiveness.


Or, take it yourself to the cup! Be more engaging. That is where most fail to even get benefits from social media. Don’t just expect. Ask. That is the first obligation. Share, share, and share. It will take notice and soon enough see your content being shared in the same rhythm.

And now! Why are you waiting for? Share this article like you would, and get social media promotion started on your side!

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