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This is a guest post by Chris from

If you spend a lot of time blogging i.e. as a computer user – for money or simple pleasure – you have probably formed the bond with your computer. After all, you spend many hours staring at the screen and coming up with ideas.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what this could mean to your health?

There is no better time than now to focus on yourself. You must make sure that you take care of your eyes properly. If you don’t, your online aspirations could come to an end sooner than later.

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This is a guest post by Susie Brown from

Who is it that decides who will be the most popular bloggers and who will be left banging their head against the keyboard?

You might think that it is the “people,” or you might even think that Google and the other search engines are the ones who decide who the most popular bloggers will be.  Although the search engines and the people do hold a lot of influence, most bloggers who have worked their way up to the Rockstar level got there in a way that might come as a surprise.

Most great bloggers got appointed to their positions of fame by other bloggers, namely the inner circle of bloggers for that niche.

Now, I know that you may not be interested in returning to the high-school social scene where everything was about being more popular.  The pursuit of being popular and accepted by “the group” mandated all types of conformities.

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This is a guest post by Karol K from Online Business Design blog.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post on how to kill writer’s block. Of course, it’s much easier said than done, so I figured that another follow-up post is in place here.

Last time the main 3 ways of fighting writer’s block was to:

  • have a bank of ideas,
  • relaxation and exercise,
  • fixed schedule.

If you want to find out what the basic principles behind each are I invite you to visit the original post that’s been published here on SmartBloggerz – 3 Easily Applicable Ideas to Not Only Fight, but KILL Writer’s Block.

What I want to do today is focus a bit on the first item on the list – the bank of ideas.

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Top 10 Search Terms:

• just your mind mortal

This is a guest post by Jane who shares content marketing strategies at her blog Problogging Success.

Blogging is all about sharing. You share what interests you, what you want to tell your potential customers, your products, hooks etc.

And your sharing mission will go in vain if no one gets your message. Do you know what I mean? Imagine yourself playing a rocking music which is really amazing on a stage in front of no audience. A blog without community is just like that.

You put your most important, and valuable content out there but if there’s no one who reads it, shares it and comments on it, then what’s the use? The whole purpose of blogging goes void.

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Top 10 Search Terms:

• feedproxy google com

This is a guest post by James Martell from

Whether you are just starting out in your Internet business, or have been at it for a while now, there are some important steps you need to take when developing quality content. Some of this might seem very basic to those who have worked for a while now, but a refresher never hurts.

I am not going to go into much detail on why quality content is important, as I’ve done that in a few other articles. This time I am going to focus on the actual development of material that will attract the attention of Google, an important ally to have when working with the Internet.

Google no longer is friendly to fluff material that are articles stuffed with keywords, yet no substance. They have the ability to zero in on quality content and weed out the material created for computer spiders, rather than humans. Gone are the days of spinning and stuffing.

So, let’s get down to what can help you in creating Google-friendly content.

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