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This is a guest post by Daniel Pintilie from

Nowadays, we have grown accustomed to perceiving blogs as an enjoyable online presence, sometimes forgetting that they represent a new entity.

Bloggers, the folks who administrate the blogs, are part journalists because the writing talent is required to keep up good traffic but at the same time they need a little (don’t be afraid, if you know more it won’t do any harm) knowledge about SEO, social media and web design.

Due to the huge number of blogs, which is the equivalent of a terrible competition between these and their writers, an article has two major aspects:

  • The content of the post itself, which is the most important; it should be enjoyed by the readers and is somehow similar to an article in a print edition.
  • The SEO & social media measures taken to push the blog on the first page when the users search for some specific keywords.

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This is a guest post by Jane Sheeba who wishes to share hostgator coupons and easycgi coupons.

Are you the one who gets a lot of traffic, but no conversions? This means that you have no or very less loyal reader base. Traffic is of no use to you if it is just floating.

Casual visitors are not serious about your blog. But loyal visitors are and they take your word for it. They trust you and that’s what you need to make conversions – yes “Trust”.

So how to gain loyal readers? You cannot earn them from somewhere outside planet Earth. You can simply convert your casual floating visitors into loyal readers. Let me tell you the ways.

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This is a guest post by Debra Wilson from In this post, you are going to learn from Debra, how to select the correct social media site that will give you maximum exposure and business benefits.

As an entrepreneur you need to be where your customers are—and where they are is on one or more of the three major social media sites:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn.

As a result you will need to keep up a presence on these sites as well. However, each site offers distinct features so that you will need to figure out which platform will best suited for your marketing strategy. With only so much time to devote to social media marketing, how do you decide which site to use?

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Jonathan is a blogger and Internet entrepreneur. The tips he is sharing above are based on what he has experienced from his site which focuses on health, fitness, and weight loss. At WeightLossTriumph he reviews successful weight loss programs, and offers a Medifast coupon code. For a promotion for Nutrisystem click here. Medifast and Nutrisystem are two medically studied diet plans that over the past 3 decades have helped millions of people improve their health and live a better life.

One of the big flaws that kind of gets to us as bloggers is that we start to only take in the tips that people feed out to us from other bloggers, as though bloggers are the only people who can give valuable tips about blogging.

But where do ‘they’ get their tips from? Obviously they have to come from the general world.

It is in fact this general world filled with all those non-bloggers that can actually teach us more about blogging than what most online bloggers can actually do. There are some certain life styles that working in not only full-time blogging or part-time blogging can really take us away from.

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This is a guest post by Karimium, a tech geek and blogger from Find out 5 key-points which worked for Karimium in attaining online success. Following these 5 things could greatly help you to improve your blogging.

With some many A-list bloggers making 6 figure sums on a monthly basis, the prospect of blogging as a career is indeed an attractive one.

I get asked on a daily basis by peers with 9-5 jobs, how I managed to succeed online. I can nail these down into 5 key points, which worked for me, which I’m willing to share with you.

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