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This is a guest post by Daniel Cassady who is a freelance writer and has written for many top marketing, technology and social media-focused blogs. Today, you are going to learn in this post how easily you can make a mobile friendly version of your blog by keeping few important points in mind. So continue reading and make your blog mobile friendly if you want to.

There’s no doubt about it: the world has gone mobile. More smartphones are being bought than ever, and the same goes for mobile internet plans. This means that great blog content, while important, isn’t enough anymore.

The most successful blogs are going to be the ones who are packed with interesting content and are easily viewable on mobile devices. If you’re a blogger and you’re not sure how to make your blog mobile friendly, here are 7 ways to do that…

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This is a guest post by Charles Borromeo from Justice-Explained and he likes writing as well as blogging. In this post, he tells us what are the things we as a blogger can outsource to freelancers in case our blog is growing rapidly or we don’t have much time to manage all the aspects to run a successful blog.

Once your blog has reached a certain maturity and a certain income level there will be a time where it might be difficult for you to handle the whole workload.

This is where it might be important that you consider outsourcing some of your work. Although some bloggers may not be keen to delegate the blog posting part as this is the cornerstone of their success, there are some tasks that you might be interested to outsource. This is what we will be covering in this article.

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This is a guest post by John who likes freelance writing and is an internet marketer. You can visit his website to know more about his work.

Traditional article marketing consists of writing an article and submitting it to article directories such as Ezine Articles, Article Base, Go Articles to name a few.

While this method of using articles for traffic worked swimmingly for a number of years, it doesn’t quite deliver the same results anymore. The growing competition in the field has made it less effective as a way of generating traffic to a website.

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This is a guest post by Duncan Heath, an online marketer. You can website one of his business website: Today, in this post you will get to learn how to establish your website/business as a popular brand and make Google realize it to get huge exposure. I am sure these strategies will be really helpful for you.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the importance of establishing yourself as an online brand to help improve your rankings in the search engines.

Some have argued that search engines are now paying more attention to online ‘brands’, others highlight how establishing yourself as a brand can win you new exposure and there are even those SEO’s who’s research shows that thinking ‘brand’ in your offsite marketing strategy could be more important than just going after desirable keywords.

In my opinion Google is turning to brands in an attempt to rid its SERPS of increasing levels of spam on the web. If it can identify which websites are ‘brands’ it can give more inherent power to these sites as they typically have very low levels of spam and are often well-trusted.

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This is a guest post by Whiztechy who writes about blogging tips and wordpress theme at In the following post, you will discover what are the important personal qualities that a blogger must have and should improve on to be a successful blogger.

When People ask me what’s my profession and I say them blogging then many of them give a negative reply that it’s hard to succeed in blogging career and become a professional blogger.

But I guess blogging is just not another career; if anyone want to succeed in blogging he must have few qualities. OK Here I am not going to share qualities like knowing HTML, WordPress etc. because you can learn all these things with time. I am sharing few personal qualities which help bloggers to grow success and achieve their goals.

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