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This is a guest post by Karol K from Online Business Design blog.

“Plumbers don’t get plumber’s block.”

… I’m sure you’ve heard that before… Every blogger/writer had. It probably even makes you feel a little depressed when you hear it… Plumbers don’t get plumber’s block. Drivers don’t get driver’s block. Bakers don’t get baker’s block. Teachers don’t get teacher’s block. Are you the only creäture in the universe with a block?

Surely not the only one. There’s the government and 100% of politicians that share the same problem, but anyway, today we’re discussing bloggers and writers.

So let me tell you why writers are so prone to having a block. First of all, this is nothing to be ashamed of. It just happens, once in a while. Like spilling milk, or losing keys to your car.

The main reason is that writing is one of those creativity-heavy activities. It’s not something you can do just like that without being in the right state of mind. Creativity can’t just be called upon or summoned… like ordering a pizza, for example. There’s no pill for improving your levels of creativity.

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This is a guest post by Patricia Garza from online university rankings.

Bloggers devote a lot of their time to the business side of blogging. This makes sense, of course, as most of the business side helps them bring in an income. But that doesn’t mean that the writing aspect of blogging isn’t as important.

The writing is what allows bloggers to develop a business mentality! Without content, there’s no traffic, and without traffic, there’s no revenue from ads and so on.

This means that sometimes bloggers need to get back to the basics and make sure they are writing as good as they possibly can.

In order to do that, they should consider some of the following writing tips. These are tips that have been extremely helpful to me when I sit down to write, so I’m happy to share them with you!

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You start your blog with some obvious expectations. The most important achievement remains to attract more readers and get followers for your blog. You must track your blog’s visitors to get an idea of your traffic. However, you should also concentrate on the traffic that bounces off.

Let us begin by understanding what exactly a blog’s bounce rate is. Each day you have new visitors to your blog. However, some (or most) of these visitors will simply leave your blog immediately after landing on your blog.

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This is a guest post by Chris Kahler from

How awesome would it be if you could convince anyone reading your content to do exactly what you say?

How efficiently would you grow your blog and your business if everyone would just do as you asked?…

Persuasion is a skill learned just like any other, and is one of the most beneficial investments one can make as a blogger.

Then the question becomes… What makes this skill so special over any others?

It’s simple really…

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HOW TO START A BLOG?” – This is the same question that a newbie asks when he/she is interested to start a blog. Even though starting a blog might seem like it is something that would be very easy, it actually is not. Thousands of people search for how to start a blog but still don’t get anywhere because of wrong approach. If your goal is to create a cash sucking blog that will bring in readers and customers, then you will need to understand the individual components that will give you the best chance to do this.

Those important components required in order to successfully start a blog would be niche selection, domain name selection, the blogging platform, web hosting, and the design of your blog. Each of these components must be understood and properly executed. And in this post, I am going to finally teach you how to start a blog from scratch…

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