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This is a guest post by Peter from Ideas Bubble that is helping us today with ways to save our self from blogging boredom which undoubtedly a blogger faces sometimes. This post is a great survival guide.

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7 days a week, a few times posting a week, commenting and guest posting; it all builds up, and before you know it you’ve lost complete interest in blogging. Things can become extremely repetitive if you don’t keep looking for different ways to fuel your interest in the blogosphere.

This can also explain why so many people end up quitting blogging, they don’t achieve the goals that they want or they lose interest. To avoid the same fate as what many people have had before us, there are certain things we can do to escape.

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This is a guest post by Anna Miller from . Through this post, she is going to give tips on how to get good guest bloggers to write for our blogs so that our blog remains as fresh as possible with new content.

Many articles on this site and others are geared more toward guest bloggers themselves. But maybe your own blog has stagnated a bit. You don’t have the time to write content for your blog on a regular basis, or perhaps you can’t come up with new ideas. You’d like to occasionally spotlight a new voice that will imbue your blog with a freshness that you, at the moment, cannot provide.

The fact of the matter is that there are various good reasons for having outsiders write content for your blog. If anything, it’ll give your blog some forward momentum. At the same time, however, attracting a guest blogger who is a good fit for your blog can be tough work. Here are a few tips for doing just that:

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This is a guest post by Liorl who is a web consultant and today, he will be telling us 7 Ways to make your precious visitors leave your blog immediately 😀 So make sure you are not doing anything like this and avoid most of these ways if you can. You can follow him on Twitter @liorl

The simple truth is that, even on the best sites, most visitors leave after reading just one page.

However, there is a big difference between getting visitors what they need in one click and turning them away in disgust. Those who get their needs met will likely come back and, eventually, may subscribe. Those who run away screaming will make it a point to never come back.

So what are some of the things that sites do to make visitors slam the door on the way out? There are many but here are seven of the more issues on the Web.

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I believe that a lot of webmasters and Internet marketers who are serious about promoting products or services don’t take testimonials seriously. Many of them feel as if other people don’t take testimonials seriously either. There are a multitude of reasons for this, and a few of them are as follows…

  • They believe people don’t believe the testimonials anymore
  • They believe testimonials can be easily faked
  • They believe testimonials are usually solicited
  • And they believe testimonials have no real value to their business

I can understand this, but something you must understand is that in this world anyone who is looking to spend money on a product or service will want to have their fears and doubts eased. People will look for anything they can to feel better and confident about the product or service they see offered from a given website or Internet marketer.

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This is a guest post by Rick LaPoint, who successfully runs various websites and you can see all of them at In today’s guest post, you will learn how to improve writing skills that will easily attract readers towards it and you will find yourself enjoying great benefits.

Anyone can write a sentence. And anyone can string sentences into a paragraph. Anyone can communicate their ideas to others in a manner that is understood.

But there  is a big difference between writing  that simply communicates and writing that motivates.

Good writing is engaging, entertaining, and leaves the reader with specific emotions deliberately embedded by the author of the text.

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