Blogging Tips & Business Tips

This is a guest post by Usman Khan who owns a Technology Focused Rise Dream Blog and through this post is giving us tips to reduce bounce rate of our blog or website.

Nowadays blogging is turning out to be an easy way for bloggers to express their thoughts and at the same time earn money. A lot of bloggers write meaningful posts that are meant to convey a message towards the potential readers but they fail keeping their visitors engaged on their blog.

The high numbers of quality blogs available on a single topic are creating some traffic problems especially for the new bloggers. It is essential for a blogger to understand the importance of persuading a visitor in spending more time on a blog.

One of the traffic issues new bloggers are confronted with is the high bounce rate of their blog. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors towards a blog or website who exit the site without bothering to view more then a single page within a time session.

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This is a guest post by Nitin Aggarwal from OffshoreAlly telling us 6 tips for proper management of our freelancing business.

As a freelancer or owner of a freelancing business, you have the freedom and opportunity to set your own hours, rates, and schedule. Many people would say that you are truly living the dream!

However, there is a dark side to freelancing if you don’t handle your daily tasks and scheduling properly; leaving you with a crazy workload, angry clients, and unpaid invoices.

How do you prevent this nightmare from coming true?

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This is a guest post by Paul Wallis talking about blog content management and 3 tips that you should remember with your blog content.

However you get content for your blog, you need to be very careful about your quality at all times.

Blogs exist on the basis of content. Any low grade material can turn off your audience, particularly if you’re not getting it from professional sources.

The typo-laden load of garbage isn’t exactly a selling point. Nor are rehashes of things which were trash in their original forms. Blog content needs to be watched as closely as your SEO at all times.

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• blog content management

This is a guest post by Bilal Ahmed from, blogging today to tell us some basic tips to keep in mind while creating/managing blogs.

Blogging is a very profitable and stable business, but the competition has made it very difficult for newbies to enter in this field.

The reasons are so many, e.g lack of knowledge and confidence, less experience, desire of getting popular in short time, expecting things is short span of time, coming up with competitive topics, not reading and following recommendations of the popular bloggers, monotony and having no proper business plan and so on…..

The only way for a newbie in this competitive environment is to stand out of the crowd.

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This is a guest post by Lior who is a web consultant sharing writing tips in this post. Follow him on Twitter @liorl

If you have the aspirations to be a great blog writer it is really not all that difficult, but there are ground rules that you need to follow in order to be successful at it.

There are several common mistakes that new writers often make, and if you avoid them it can mean the difference of you being an average writer or a great writer.