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In 2009, one of the major things that was talked about is King Google. No doubt Google has been a major player in the internet media. They gave us blog before any other one came into being. One of their products is Google Wonder Wheel.

I have come to found out that only few bloggers and web users make use of this tool. I heard about it but did not do anything about it. Not until recently that I came to understand what I stand to gain by using Google Wonder Wheel. Anyway, I am not a selfish blogger and this is why i am writing this so that many people can make good use of it.

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Top 10 Search Terms:

• profit wheel

This is a guest post by Anil Gupta of

As we all know Twitter is among the hottest social networks currently on the internet. It is the most used tool for those who are trying to market on the internet. It is boon for internet marketers. This also means that bloggers like us can make fast money online using Twitter.

People can get success in making money with their Twitter profile like we use blogging as a mean to make money. And the best thing about Twitter is that profile pages as well as lots of services related to twitter are free. In today’s post, I’m going to discuss Top 10 Killer Ideas For Making Money With Twitter:

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In Part 1 of Writing an Article That Converts Into Sales, we read some basic things that should be the part of your articles and how you have to present it.

Now, in this part we will read how to create that kind of article which will convert into sales and will give you maximum profits. This part includes Keyword Researching through a Google Tool (no it’s not that older one) about which you will read in this article. Also you will read some popular types of styles in article marketing which gains maximum profit.

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On December 1st, WP-Robot v2.0 was out on the web. The new version now comes with more auto features for better autopilot income. This new version has brought 7 New Changes from the previous version. The changes that have been brought are:

  1. Automatic Link Cloaking
  2. Amazon BrowseNode Support
  3. Backdating and Scheduling
  4. Humanized Post Times
  5. Yahoo News Module
  6. RSS Module
  7. Improved Admin Design

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Article Marketing is one of the successful way of internet marketers to make profits with products. Many people, looking at these successful internet marketers also desire to make money online through article marketing but many of them fails because they are not able to create an attracting article that will convert into sales for them.

In order for our articles to pull in visitors to our websites from major article sites like; we need to create our articles to do two things. One is to offer useful information and the other is to attract them to click through to our websites.

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