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This is a guest post by Noah Mark Rodolfo from

Social networking is one of today’s biggest arena when it comes to online marketing. It’s been an effective gauge for Internet businesses, not only for e-commerce sites but also for bloggers. Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ are making a big impact on the Internet and many practical users are taking the bait. So the question is – “does SEO still have relevance for your online business?”.

SEO against social networking is an interesting topic especially if you are looking for the best way to market your website business. If you want to promote your brand using social medias, then you certainly have to build your social network profile to develop both yourself and your site. Otherwise, you’ll have to stick with search engine optimization which is more complicated compared to social network marketing.

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This is a guest post by Brandon Connell from My Crazy Lotto Experiment.

When I recently launched My Crazy Lotto Experiment, I instantly thought about how I was going to drive traffic to it. My first thought was to announce it on my already established blog at, and then start writing a guest post on a blog that I have appeared on in the past.

The reason I decided on these two tactics first is because I have had great experience with guest posting, and I knew that leveraging my existing reader-base would be wise as they would be curious to see what I was up to.

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This is a guest post by Brandon Connell who teaches you how to make money blogging at

I have been a madman over the past few months, as I discussed in my recent blog post about my  guest posting activities which I used to lay all of my articles on the table.

I have written a few articles about how guest posting will increase your commentary and traffic. But what I didn’t cover was how you would benefit even further by guest posting on a previously published blog.

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This is a guest post by Goran Zinic of that shares make money online tips and advice.

Creating a blog post to our blog seems sometimes hard stuff to do, especially if we want to capture our reader’s to post a comment on it.

Now, I want to share to you some of the effective ways on how to create a super commented post in our blog or as a guest post.

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Today,I added a Link Exchange Widget By I have tried a few blog link exchange programs such as EntreCard, Spottt, 125(something!!something) in which I like The Entrecard Only.All are the waste of time since Spottt team is god know exist or not ,as they did not reviwed my blog from 2 weeks due to which I got frustrated n removed tht stupid widget.

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